Sunday, October 18, 2015

When the curse was rewarded

Mama and baba could do nothing but console their daughter. They tried every thing in their capacity to comfort their darling daughter, their hero, as they called her. Gloom prevailed upon their house, for the grief was uncalled for. Tears were rolling down their eyes and asking Lord just one question, why they? Why they had to face such a problem when their daughter did no harm to anyone. The incidence was enough to shatter their spirits. Haya started her medical training under Dr. Zee but that move did not prove fruitful for her. Dr. Zee, as called by fellow doctors, had a repute of being difficult at times. But Haya did not anticipate what could happen to her. Dr. Zee put a wrong case of medical negligence against Haya and almost got her license cancelled.

Haya and Mona were more friends than sisters. Born in a barely middle class family, their parents did everything they could to get their daughters on right tracks. While Haya was fierce, determined and foresighted, Mona was more of a heart-follower. Dr. Haya stood against every obstacle that might come her way to become a career woman. Her brilliance lied in her consistency and hard work. Mona did excellent in her field and got herself a reasonable job. But when she faced harsh realities of life, she understood that she could also make her life better like Haya. Day by day she felt less than her sister and envied her sister’s independence and achievements. On one hand she would do home chores for her sister but on the other she would think of being a servant for her. Her heart was putting her in double trouble; she loved her sister but also resented her success. These feelings would ebb and flow like the tides in enormous deep sea under the moon.

As for now, every member of the family was in tears on what happened to their Haya. And what to speak of Haya! She was delirious! She could not think any other thing but the misery that had fallen upon her. Her life, her career, her goals, her dreams… all seemed to shatter mercilessly in front of her. She could not bear the loss of her success. She had worked really hard for all this and she was the best candidate for triumphs. Well, it may not seem a big incident to many but think for a while about the loss of best thing in your life? And that too with disgrace! It was not easy for them to hire the best lawyer and try to prove Dr. Zee wrong. Some demon had taken over him when he went unjustly against Haya.

In their desperation, the family thought it was mal de ojo. As a common household, for them the onset of such sudden wretchedness on their daughter was nothing but due to the evil eye. Every one; distant family members, friends, acquaintances; everyone was in a state of awe when they knew that Haya got into top medical college all by herself. So they thought it was evident that people were envious of her. When her mama would embrace her and say that some evil eye took part in all this, Haya would demand that person’s death from Lord. Her innocent heart cursed anyone who was responsible for her sadness. She wanted to see that person in pain whose envy had desolated her to very core. Haya went too far in her pain and anger and wanted death of Dr. Zee as her only talisman. How could she face her colleagues? How could she get back on her feet again? How could she even live without her career? Haya thought. She considered Dr. Zee responsible for her affliction and hence wanted him to die to soothe her grieving heart. Her hatred for Dr. Zee was increasing by second.

Anyhow, Mona advised her mama and baba to go and meet Dr. Zee and do whatever they could to make him take back that case. That sounded sane. So it was decided that mama and baba would talk Dr. Zee out of all this. They would plead him not to ruin career of their daughter.

Next morning, mama finished her prayers and went to wake up Mona for breakfast. She called her thrice and when reached her by hand, found her lying dead in her bed.       

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