Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Criminal Genes and the Human Genome

In the movie, Minority Report, the PreCrime Police prevent crimes and arrest people before they commit the crime. It sounds incredible and almost impossible that it would ever happen in the real world. But rethink. It is very much possible and may be put into routine use in the very near future albeit the technology to prevent crime will be entirely different from that of the movie, which relied upon the knowledge of psychics. In real world, we will be using our very own DNA as the basis for all this process.

Monday, September 19, 2011

If Time Machine Were Invented

I sat down to gather my thoughts on the question that given an opportunity whether I would like to travel back in time or ahead while watching the news on BBC World. There was a news item, which sent shivers through my spine. Six white policemen in South Africa were shown mercilessly beating a black helpless boy and at the same time unleashing their dogs on him. I could not stand the sight when I saw the dogs attacking and dragging the already bruised boy. I turned off the TV in disgust.

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Anarkali – the Love Story Continues

Love stories are as old as the human race. Every part and every culture on the planet has some epic tales about these. Here in the sub-continent, we have many tales of love and betrayal but no other tale attracts as much attention and heartache as the story of Anarkali and the Prince Salim. Almost 4 centuries ago, King Akbar the Great was on the throne of the Kingdom of India. Prince Salim was his son and hence, the Crown Prince. He fell in love with one of the chamber-maids, Anarkali.  But the King did not approve of their love. The Prince was adamant and he even rebelled and a war was fought between the father and son. Anarkali was house arrested and the Prince surrendered on the condition that the life of Anarkali would be saved. The King, according to some accounts, set free and exiled her, while some says she was killed. Nobody knows for sure the real story. And some even challenge the whole story as untrue. But never the less, it is been told for centuries now and we in Lahore even have a bazaar, probably the busiest bazaar of the city, named after her, the Anarkali Bazaar. And then it has extended to form a new bazaar, New Anarkali. But imagine if this love story takes place in the modern setting, in this age of modern technology? Here, I tried to portray a scene from this epic tale.


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