Sunday, October 18, 2015

When the curse was rewarded

Mama and baba could do nothing but console their daughter. They tried every thing in their capacity to comfort their darling daughter, their hero, as they called her. Gloom prevailed upon their house, for the grief was uncalled for. Tears were rolling down their eyes and asking Lord just one question, why they? Why they had to face such a problem when their daughter did no harm to anyone. The incidence was enough to shatter their spirits. Haya started her medical training under Dr. Zee but that move did not prove fruitful for her. Dr. Zee, as called by fellow doctors, had a repute of being difficult at times. But Haya did not anticipate what could happen to her. Dr. Zee put a wrong case of medical negligence against Haya and almost got her license cancelled.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I am in Love with a Criminal

It was the mid of February. She was sitting in her office on the 5th floor. Again it was raining and for the umpteenth time, she wanted to go out, inhale the petrichor and dance in the rain but as soon as she opened the windows, the omnipresent piercing stares of the staff from the opposite building welcomed her. She shut the windows back. Plunging into her swivel chair, she looked around her office. On the left side was rack full of books. On her left was a water dispenser. A calendar was hanging on the wall with a few red circles marked. On the front wall, there was a wall clock which always reminded her of her being getting old. The door was on the left side opposite her and 3 chairs arranged neatly opposite her table. The table was an expensive looking piece of furniture which she bought in a bargain store. On the table, she had put her prized possessions. In a tray, her files on which she was working. Then a telephone set, and the latest novel by John Grisham. In fact, there was a complete collection of John Grisham novels on her table. And then there was the book that changed her life, her favourite, Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

More than a Religious Woman

Like any other Muslim, I have read time and again about the women of Islam in religious context. Every time I would read how these women helped the other gender attain their strength and glory or how the fair sex was condemned being a female. All true. But has anyone ever tried to narrate their lives in perspective of their character? How many times we have read about the character and gallant nature of these women who stood for themselves and in turn helped people around them? Some chose to be house-wives while others chose to shape the society and imparted whatever knowledge they had to the public. They fought on grounds or did their home chores. Either they swayed their swords in precise strokes or wiped away the floors with cloth. These women may not be the prophets but their identities were not any less than that of significant people in our history. These women had their own character, personalities, opinions and lives. Once you will think about them as humans and not as Muslim associates, you shall see how wonderfully accomplished life they led and how our pious men helped them in same manner as they facilitated our men.


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