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Unsung Hero: Baba G

Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country. – John. F. Kennedy

“Junoon se aur ishq se milti hai azadi”, the kid was humming the OST of the movie Jinnah which was shown on PTV. His father entered home and asked him lightly whether he knew the meaning of what he was humming? Then he began telling him the details. I was sitting in the corner of the room and was lost in my own thoughts. Today is the 65th Independence Day of Pakistan. And if one ponders over the ups and downs of these years, one can realize the price of independence. For a nation to excel, and for that matter to destruct, contribution from a large number of people is required. One person alone is not enough to bring a meaningful change, either negative or positive. But one has to do his/her own bit of work. So there are a lot of people who have contributed to the building and prosperity of our nation. Some of them are well known, through books, newspapers and television. But there are countless people who form the backbone of this country but no one knows about them. I knew one such person. Rather I had known him since my childhood. To me, and all other people in my village, he was known as Baba Jee.

His name was Mushtaq Ahmad Khan. He belonged to Haiderabad Deccan. Even though I was unable to understand much of what he was saying but still I saw him and listened to him many times in my childhood. He was our version of Santa Clause. He lived in Lahore but frequently visited our village, which meant we would get all sorts of gifts like story books, pencils, sharpeners, and small cash for which we children would eagerly wait. Although it was alien to our village, he used to dress like Quaid-e-Azam and he looked very graceful and interesting, with Jinnah Cap on his head, he was kindness personified.

Actually he was one of Quaid’s friends who participated in movement for Pakistan. He showed us his pictures with Quaid and also some letters which was written by Allama Muhammad Iqbal to him. He often used to tell us the stories related to the refugees from India to Pakistan. He also told us the the tragic story of that train which was fixed for carrying refugees and he and Quaid with his companions were waiting for the refugees impatiently but when the train reached and the sight they saw, they lost their consciousness because all the passengers were killed; only a child was left alive. With tears in his eyes, he told us that he wanted to write a book about all that. I don’t know whether he wrote it or not. But he never preached hatred. He always talked about helping the needy people and do our best to make the world a better place. Here, I want to share some of his kind deeds for poor needy people which I noticed personally and listened from my parents:

I was astonished when I came to know that after the independence of Pakistan he gave the first salary to Govt. servants from his own pocket. In present day currency, it would amount to some 27 crore rupees. Quaid received that amount as a loan and said to him that he could get it back at any time he wanted but he never did.

As he belonged to the Nawab family of Haidarabad, and had a large property in India, he was given a vast area as compensation upon migrating to Pakistan after independence. He was given many villages in claim for his Indian property. Our village was also part of that property which he distributed amongst poor refugees without any discrimination on the bases of religion or cast. He opened a school for the kids of villagers where they can get free education. He paid the teachers from his own pocket. He also used to provide books and other necessary goods for school and students personally. He also got the services of some doctors who used to visit the village on weekly basis and patients were provided free treatment and medicines.

On the day of Eid he would come to our village and celebrated Eid with poor villagers. I still remember that pleasure which we felt when we received Eidi from Baba G. Now when I think about his love for us I am astonished at him who was celebrating this important occasion with us leaving his own daughters and their children at Lahore or Karachi. Do you know about a person who sacrificed his own pleasures to make others happy?
A vary important information that I want to share with you is: He had six Moe Mubarik (sacred hair) of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). On the occasion of 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal (the birth date of our Prophet (s.a.w) ), he would placed them for zyarat and Muslims from far of places came to our vllage for zyarat. The tradition is being continued now by his daughter.

In the gloom of everything bad, such people are beacons of light. They offer a ray of hope and instill in us the belief that even one person can make a difference. We should follow them and do our work honestly without criticizing others. Try to do something for your nation without any personal interest; this will bring peace to our heart and soul. Just look around you there are many people who need us. Sometimes our kind words can bring smile on the face of a hopeless person. Never think that you can only help others when you have a lot of money, our good behavior can also do much more than spending money.
Happy Independence Day to all Pakistanis around the world

P.S. to all Indians who would be celebrating their independence day tomorrow, wish you a happy independence day in advance.    


  1. kiran...

    a very good story... i think hundred of thousands of people made sacrifices for our country and we should remember these great people who were fighting for the cause of humanity... one person may not be able to change the system but one person surely can try to change him/her self and bring something positive... by making little bit of contribution... journey of a thousand miles start from one step...

    P.S. happy independence day to you :)

  2. WoW! Interesting facts.

    Thanks for sharing Kiran.

    Hello Muhammad. Hope you are well.
    Have a great week ahead, my friend!

  3. kiran
    a soul touchning story for me i can feel the real JUNOON and ISHQ which u have depicted in the picture above as i am honored to be the offspring of one of those patriotic bloods who have scarifies for this land to each and every extent. we came here with our lives only and with this junoon that WE are the WINNERS we got our separate homeland.we left our lands properties our homes as it is their. and now it was a time to build OUR Pakistan my grandpa was in indian army he was asked by the britishers not to left indian army or to join british army nd go with them to a wel establish country that is the british empire but he straight forwardly refuse the lavish life took his wife and children even without taking a handkerchief and safely reached pakistan. i want to share one more thing over here that my grandma my Fathers mom was lost in the train during migration with a year old daughter and my grandpa after hard struggle got her after five years. more n more thing in my minds are coming cant share all but want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this patriotic story with us.
    i wish and pray that my country flourished and prospered as a lot of blood was shed to get this sweet home ameen !

  4. An inspiring story. Very moving.

  5. @ Thanks Israr for appreciating my effort. Yup our country is a fruit of struggle of hundreds of thousand people, I shared one of them with you whom I knew. Yea one person can't change whole system but we have to take start for this, we have splanded past. Our forefathers did this inspite of countless hurdles. I am sure if we take start, a day will come when we will not remain alone people will join us bcoz our nation knows how to sacrifice for high purposes. We were, we are and we will be till the end of this world. Happy independence day.@ Thanks Israr for appreciating my effort. Yup our country is a fruit of struggle of hundreds of thousand people, I shared one of them with you whom I knew. Yea one person can't change whole system but we have to take start for this, we have splanded past. Our forefathers did this inspite of countless hurdles. I am sure if we take start, a day will come when we will not remain alone people will join us bcoz our nation knows how to sacrifice for high purposes. We were, we are and we will be till the end of this world. Happy independence day.

  6. :) Andy thanks for liking my post, i need appriciation as motivation for further. Happy independence day.

  7. wow! this was some post Kiran...the one that would be my most fav read from you:-)

  8. I actually counted 64th Birthday of our beloved but troubled Pakistan.
    However, I am touched by the facts mentioned in your post and I have to admit my inability to control my tears. We should remember the sacrifices our elders gave for the creation of a STATE based on Islamic Ideology.

    Above all, Baba Jees's story is inspiring so does the vision of Mr Jinnah and that of Hakimul Ummat Allama Sahib.

    It seems as if Pakistan's FATE is in its final PHASE which is about to FADE.

    I am optimistic that our nation would rise again InshAllah, provided - we get out of the ongoing disease of double standard thing, sooner the better.
    I like the way you narrate. Good luck buddy

  9. Incorrect:
    It seems as if Pakistan's FATE is in its final PHASE which is about to FADE.

    Corrected version:
    It seems as if Pakistan's current FATE is in its final PHASE which is about to FADE.

  10. Very nice post Kiran..
    Thnx for sharing such amazing facts about Baba G.
    Yes,we know that a lot of people had sacrifice their lives and properties for the independence of Pakistan.

    Thnx and Happy Independence Day to you and to All Pakistani's.

  11. this is so interesting to read and i m sure that there were many many great people like these who played a role in our independence.
    Proud to be a Pakistani!
    Very well written!

  12. I read your post with thorough concentration and picked up lots of useful themes of it. Our Pakistan, our country is undoubtedly come into being against lots of sacrifices given by our forefathers, brothers and sisters. Independence is another name of sacrifices, blood of martyrs’ and extreme efforts made by our leaders, so having unlimited value. We must prove to the Globe that we are one of the great self-made nations in upcoming future as we get the independence from a great power of that time.
    Indeed you come across such a glorious Baba gee, closely resembled to an angle. I am surprised to know that he has Moe Mubarik (sacred hair of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W), and still his daughter is continuing the tradition, really very lucky you and your villagers are to have such a miraculous personalities having belongings of our Prophet PBUH. I wish I also plan a trip to your village to see Moe Mubarik at least.

  13. What an inspiring post...especially in light of Independence Day.

    PS My daughter calls her grandfather Baba Jee and he truly is her Santa Claus. I love it.

  14. Inspiring. Happy Independence Day

  15. Belated Independence wishes.

    And wonderful post, Kiran.
    Thank you for sharing the story and inspiring us, to be better citizens and human beings.

  16. love the way you write... :)
    To Realize independence is all about being free from within...
    thanks for sharing!! Bless you

  17. @Maria thanx
    yup most of people lost their relatives during migration, i salute to the Junoon of ur grandpa and all other people who made sacrifices for this home land. They got it bt now it is our duty to make it prosperous,peaceful and happy place for living. We have to do some at our level. We all are patriotic but now there is need to do something practicaly for the betterment of our sweet home.@Maria thanx
    yup most of people lost their relatives during migration, i salute to the Junoon of ur grandpa and all other people who made sacrifices for this home land. They got it bt now it is our duty to make it prosperous,peaceful and happy place for living. We have to do some at our level. We all are patriotic but now there is need to do something practicaly for the betterment of our sweet home.

  18. Dave king
    thanks u got inspiration by my words, try to do something for people around u.

  19. @Mishi
    its my pleasure u read my post and liked it.:)

  20. Kiranshah, an inspiring post. And yes, we all have to do something at our own level, however 'small' it might be. Happy Independence Day!

  21. Beautifully written and an Inspiring post!

    Love, Risha :)

  22. @Mian
    i realy felt happy, you read my post and made some discussion about the present condition of the country,though the situation is gloomy but we have to stand firmly and try to prove ourselves a strong nation who can face every challenge bravely. Dear! Pakistan's fate is not going to fade but these circumstances are carrying us towards perfection and gradually it will imarge as a masterpiece Inshalla.
    Nhi he na umeed Iqbal apni kasht e viran se....
    Zra num ho to ye matti bri zarkhaiz he saqi....:)

  23. @ Bashart Ali...
    Thanx you read my post and gave comment as motivation for mor sharing.

  24. I felt so sorry for authors (contributors) for their negligence that they even don't know who is commenting on their blog, how the one is contributing and not even bothering to reply how and what he has shared with us :( I think eye sight has been blurred, as a consequence no regard for their regular and prestigious com-mentors... Ahh where is our motivator Israr!!!

  25. @Kiranshah,
    Nhi he na umeed Iqbal apni kasht e viran se...
    Zra num ho to ye matti bri zarkhaiz he saqi....:)

    Of course there is great potential in our beloved land and people.

    Following Iqbal's philosophy, Jinnah's directions and most of all practising the Qur'an and Sunnah is a guarantee for Allah's help to put Pakistan back to our lost track which leads to healthy recovery inshaAllah.

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    Please visit and put your picture upfront--thanks.
    A feedback is appreciated.

  27. @Princes
    thanks, yup we are proud to be Pakistani. May Allah protect our country and make it prosperous.

  28. @Atif
    I am realy very sorry for being late in replying you. my readers are most valuable for me. actualy I was in village and there was no internet facilty. i tried my level best to sign in through my cell but there was also some problem. i hope u wiil accept appalogies. yor are most welcome to my village anytime when u want. you must have to come now bcz I m inviting u on next Rabiul awwal for zyarat.

  29. Atif.....
    Its great pleasure for me u gave to much importance to my post. Yup freedom is the second name of sacrifice and we stiil have to sacrifice for getting real freedom. we will prove to the world that we are great self-made nation in near future. yea it is surprising having sacred hair of our Holly Prophet S.A.W. But it is fact Baba g told their history also that how their family had this. you are always welcome.

  30. @ Ameena!
    bundle of thanx.
    Independence day is a great ocassion, it reminds us all those sacrifices which are given by our forfathers for this homeland.May ur daughtre's Baba G live long.

  31. @Ameena
    Thanx. May ur daughter's Baba G live long.

  32. @A!

  33. Priyanka!
    its great pleasure for me u read my post and shared ur feelings about it. yup we should be good citizens. it is are obligation to work for the stability of our dear homeland.

  34. @Shama!
    May God bless u too. we all inspire by such personality but we should also do something practically.I hope u will contribute for the betterment of this country.

  35. @Mary!
    Bundle of thaks, yop we must do something at our level. Little deeds can bring a lot of changes in the lives of those who r around us.

  36. Love u too Risha!
    thanx a lot fpr reading and comentig.

  37. @Kiran Shah, you are excused now, the main thing which I consider very keenly is the sense of responsibility inside the nature of any professional. Israr is very close to me, also invited me specifically to contribute and share professionals' thinking in this platform. So I am here. If you know, I am a regular comment-or on your blog spot.
    In fact I am so impressed to know that you and your village is having holy hairs of our Prophet P.B.U.H. I will definitely come to you inshallah on next Rabi-ul-Awal if life permits. I will take the address form my lovely buddy Israr, what you have to do is to assist me in visiting the place of Baba G and getting known to me about this fact that how he have Moe-Mubarak??? Thanking you for giving me such honorable response!

  38. First of all a very happy independence day :)
    and thanks for stopping by and giving me the opportunity to land here :)
    you have very nicely expressed the feelings n emotions of freedom and an interesting read about Baba ji.

    Looking forward to new posts.
    Keep writing :)

  39. @Mian!
    yup we can recover our loss only when we act upon the teaching of Islam, hope our future will be more brite.

  40. @Tariq!
    Thanx for inviting me to ur blog i shall follow u as soon as possible.

  41. @Atif!
    I m responcible but i have some in using internet bcoz i live in village and there is no internet facility. I use it through cell our from my cllege lab so you have to bear me I can be late again my prestigious com-menter. Yup I know very well that u r regular com-menter, I give u due respect. I shal assist u plz must visit our village my father wiil lead u when u will come.

  42. @Mishra!
    Thanx for sending independence wishes. yup I l try to continue my sharing.

  43. @andy...
    thanks dear... same to you :)

  44. @atif...

    dear buddy, i have no internet access for the last couple of days and anyways i cannot reply comments on posts written by other authors :) keep on commenting :0

  45. Thank you for this inspiring post. Wishing you lots of aloha in your day of celebration.

  46. @Kiran: Thanks a million for giving me true honour, dignity and prestige. I came to know about your level of difficulty faced by you. Israr has also acquaint me about your obligations.
    After all, I am planning to fulfill your invitations to your valuable village. Uncle will guide me in this way I shall get the zyarat of Moe-Mubarak as well. I thank you for your nice attitude.

  47. @ Israr Buddy:

    Now I am fully aware of the situation faced by you. You don't even need to mention about my contributions for this blog spot. It's my own portal just like you having its ownership :)
    I shall be commenting on it and will give my recommendations as an add-ons to it.

  48. @Kay......
    Bundle of thanks for sending independence wishes and reading my post:)

  49. @Atif.....
    You r most welcome to my village, I l tell u the confirm date of zyarat in rabiul awwal.....@

  50. Sorry to all those friends whom i replied late bcz i was facing difficulty in using internet, plz keep on posting ur precious comments.....:)

  51. What a wonderful man and an inspiring post, I'm so glad to have read it.
    Happy Independence Day to all x

  52. I'm late in congratulating your country's 65th independence. Better late than never, right?

    To Muhammad Israr, this is my first visit here and I find that you guys have great posts. Keep it up!

  53. sorry...i am late here....really an inspirirng story...
    Happy Independence to you and all of your country men.

    Best wishes,

  54. yes help neednt also restrict itself to money.
    good post

  55. @ Kiran:

    Thanks a lot. Main thing is to know about exact date of Rabiul Awal. Do let me know right. Have a nice time at your village.

  56. @Balqis...
    thanks for stopping by :) i am glad you like our effort here :)

  57. @Balqis....
    Thanks for visiting this blog and liking our posts,:)

  58. @Irfan....
    Thanks u liked it...,best wishes for u too...:)

  59. @Sathya...
    Bundle of thanks u read my sharing and liked it:)

  60. A very thoughtful post. Both sides of border have similar stories.

  61. this text is so much good!

    Your title is in portuguese, its so cool,
    i'm a brasilian girl, and if I can correct it right" Mistério da vida"

  62. Such an inspiring story!
    I thought I had commented on this post!

    Be well and thank you for sharing!


  63. oh my gosh, i came here not knowing you are a writer (i hope YOU know you are a writer!) i think about this level of sacrifice when i think of my family and how i would feel leaving them, not being with them as they learn, live, when they need me.

    and yet i know what you have so effectively raised here. a country is the best of its people.

    i think you might be selling yourself short: i imagine you make a contribution too.


  64. wow what an enormous wise and special soul that man was and what an honour to know a man like that. A beautiful inspirational story Thanks for sharing and a happy independence day

  65. thanks for entering my giveaway dear :)

  66. @alice...

    Welcome Alice in the Mystery Land :P
    yes its kind of Spanish title... yes you are right it should be Misterio da Vida..but it is Vida da Misterio (misterio is my name)... Thanks for stopping by...hope you will come back for more :)

  67. @razz...

    Walaikum salam to you :)

  68. @Bengts fotoblogg

    thanks for liking :)

  69. Assalam alaykum :)
    . Have been looking for blogs to follow since morning. . . This is a really cool one. Not to mention that my name is Almas Kiran . . So definitely, i would love this blog . :) lol!

    This has been a most lovely read, i must say. .Indeed ppl are made evergreen by their deeds . .and Baba g is a good example of that . . :)

    thanks for the independence day wishes. . . Wish you guys good luck too :) Tc.

  70. @nisha...
    thanks for visiting our blog and liking my post :)

  71. @alice
    welcome to the blog :)

  72. @nisha... yes both sides have such inspiring stories.. :)

  73. @Bengts fotoblogg
    thanks for liking the blog :)

  74. @margie..
    thanks for liking the story.. :) stay happy

  75. @kj..
    thanks for liking my post...i am happy that you think i am a writer :) yes a country is nothing without its people and that the people who can make a country great by doing such honourable deeds...

  76. @marja...
    yes baba jee was a very great person and he was an inspiration to all of us...may his soul rest in peace... :)
    thanks for liking the post :)

  77. @jalpari...
    thanks for following our blog... and thanks that you like my post... i am happy :)
    yes here on this blog one is Almas and one is Kiran so you definitely have attachment to it :) have a nice day :)

  78. yes... more than 14th august being the day we got freedom , it is the day we should acknowledge the many people who left their homes and lost loved ones in order to make this country.

  79. @sana...
    yes sana thats exactly the point... we have 14th august because of such people who have sacrificed everything so we should remember these people :)



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