Monday, January 18, 2016

Her Eyes Were Green

The relation of an alumnus to alma mater is something that can’t be put into words. From ancient teachers like Confucius, Aristotle, Plato to the medieval Leonardo to the modern greats, a pupil is known and respected by caliber of the institutes he/she attended or the teachers who taught him/her. So I had only one reply when I got the invitation to attend the Alumni Dinner of CEMB, preceded by a 3-day International Conference. It proved to be a 4-course meal ending with a dessert. The fact that it was the 1st Alumni Meet, 30 years after CEMB was founded, I couldn’t afford to miss it. In my opinion, the feelings at a 1st convocation, 1st alumni dinner, 1st love or 1st marriage (for those who are daring enough to enter the lion’s den after their 1st escape) cannot be replicated in life. To top that up, the organizers choreographed the whole program very well. Though not a bon vivant, I thought the dessert compensated for whatever deficiencies the first 3 courses had. It was the 1st of January and in the mid of all this, I saw her green eyes. Some start to the New Year, I must say.


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