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Livin' La Vida Mobi

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As I mentioned in one of the previous posts that during the last few years, the distinction between mobile and internet, and for that matter, computer, is almost diminished. But since majority of the population of the world is just living on the edge of poverty and where there are still Pentium 1 computers being used, smartphones or tablets are far from a household name. Those of us who still do not own an iPad or a blackberry, can still reap the benefits of modern technology. For example, I own a very basic level phone with an entry level camera and support for Java MIDP and MP3. And I am sure most of you out there will have a similar phone. So how can you best utilize it with some free goodies? The following is my list of applications which are freely available from the websites given at the end, and can make your phone very useful in addition to the basic tasks of making calls and sending SMS. Moreover, these apps work offline, means that once you install these on your device, you do not need a working internet connection to be present. 

It is a utility which tells you prayer times for hundreds of places around the globe every day of the year. It is especially useful in Ramadhan when one has to observe strict timings for Sehri and Aftari.

City Xplorer
City explorer is like yellowpages of Pakistani cities. You can find address and telephone numbers of all important institutions, markets and places.

Collins English Dictionary
The ultimate English to English dictionary for mobiles. It has hundreds of thousands of words and definition. Also origin of words as well as the time from which the word is incorporated into the English language, is given. For example, did you know that pianoforte is the actual name of what we call piano?

Cricket Companion
If you are a cricket fan and want ball-by-ball commentary with live statistics and match schedules away from TV then this app is for you.

DChoc Café Sudoku
For people like me who are addicted to Sudoku and the daily newspaper is not enough, this ultimate Sudoku challenge is for them. With difficulty levels ranging from Very Easy to the almost mind bogging Evil, you would not ever need any other game.

eBuddy Mobile Messenger
What if you could chat to all your contacts in MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, ICQ and AOL? eBuddy is the answer to your wish. This is a messenger which works smoothly from a mobile.

Ok, so what does the e631 on your pack of Lays means? Or that E296 on bubble gum? How many times daily we encounter some of the e-numbers on many food items but we simply do not know what all these are about. Now with this handy utility, you can instantly know all this.

How many of you know what does BMW stands for? Or what is that ETA thing in my download manager? Thankfully, you can find almost any acronym with this small app.

Mobile Solar System
How many moons does Jupiter have? Or can you name the two moons of Mars? Well, with this app you can answer any question about all the planets of our Solar System. (They have not updated and Pluto is still included in the list of the Planets, but you already knew it).

Mobile World Fact Book
What is the population of Vatican City (Holy See)? Or can you name all the emirates of the UAE? This app contains almost any information about all the countries of the world!

Modern Periodic Table
Want to know the melting point of Sodium? Or atomic weight of Chlorine? A great utility for students of chemistry and anyone who has to work with chemicals.

Opera Mini
The clear winner browser for mobiles. With tab-browsing, password saving option, bookmarks and chrome-like appearance, this browser is a must for anybody who wants to surf internet on the go. The interesting part is that it reprocess the webpages on its dedicated servers and display the final page on your mobile which means that you save up to 80% on data charges. The other important point is that it can open almost any page on the internet unlike the native phone browsers which crashes frequently upon browsing heavy pages.

Quran Reader Pro
With English translation and explanations of some of the verses, you can recite the Holy Quran at any time anywhere.

Sahih Bukhari Pro
With the full 93 books containing thousands of Hadiths, you can have it as a reference or can read it daily to learn about Islam.

Scientific Calculator
Many different types of calculators are present with all those trigonometery and all the stuff you need to do your physics or math assignment.

With Summer in progress and continuous power outages (in Pakistan), one has to stay outdoors most part of the night. So you can always look up to the sky and enhance your knowledge about all the constellations and stars and planets with this utility. Programmed to update the planetary and starts position in real time, you can always know where to look for a particular star or planet or even moon.

Websites: from where these applications are freely available.

I hope you people will find some of these apps very useful for you depending on your needs and usage.  

P.S: You can use your camera phone as a document scanner! And download different podcasts as well as audio dramas and enjoy. Or perhaps you can download your favourite novel and read it on your mobile. I am sure you people will enjoy this experience.


  1. good. interesting to know all these applications.

  2. @anonymous...
    thanks...i hope you use these...especially the Azan app in ramzan :)

  3. wondrful n helpful aplicationz.nd its good to knw that now i dnt need to take a 5kg dictnary n my bag with a perodc table.:P and yes opera mini rockz :) thankz 2 technology 4 making livz easier !

  4. @almas...i am glad that you will get rid of 5kg dictionary and that old periodic table :) and sure you can use the Azan in ramzan... :)

  5. I am from the stonetime. I don't use mobile phones. :) Thanks for visitng me

  6. @Marja... thats awesome...somebody in this age of IT is not using mobile even though uses internet...i think it is a first in this world :)

  7. IT is so commercialised, it's kind of hard to keep up with momentum.
    I am a first time visitor to your blog - YEAH it's doing good selling--------congrat

    Tariq(Current Affairs With Tariq Mian)

  8. @tariq...
    thanks..yes It is the in thing these days... :)

  9. Like Marja, I have not yet fully entered the post stone time, I have a basic phone. That's it. No cam era. I have a camera for taking photographs. This is an attitude which is slowly changing, so the time when your advice will become very useful may not be far off. Thanks for the post.

  10. @dave...
    but marja said she does not have any phone...not even a basic without camera... :) anyways...the times are changing... sooner or later one has to have these latest technology and all the gadgetry .. :) thanks

  11. I was really unaware of these useful utilities.
    thnx 4 these valuable info...........bro.

  12. I have gotten very spoiled by my smartphone - I still marvel at the fact that I always have a tiny powerful computer with me. It's an enormous change in my lifetime.

  13. @basharat...
    hope you would make use of these :)

  14. @secret agent....
    you are one of the few lucky people who can afford to have a smartphone :)

  15. Realy intrstng n infrmtv post Israr, I wish I can download some of these aplctns.

  16. @kiran...
    lets hope you download and use some of these apps :) best of luck

  17. hi :) thank you so much for your comment. i am happy to follow your blog. this is a wonderful post and very interesting! i just read your "hollywood and biotechnology" post and enjoyed that as well. you are a great writer and informer!
    happy tuesday!
    maria :)

  18. @maria...
    thank you very much for appreciating my writings...i hope you enjoy the movies mentioned in that article as well :)
    Happy tuesday to you as well :)

  19. How fabulous that I found your post on the second day of Ramadan...Azan sounds like the perfect app for me right now!

  20. @ameena...
    i am glad that you found it at the right time... hope you started using it already :)

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  23. Hey Israr... here is something for you, check out :)

  24. very helpful article by the Mysterio......dear Please try to publish some articles on how make delicious food as I am not a good cook.

  25. An interesting list of apps.

  26. Dear brother, nice to read about plenty of useful applications for mobile users specially for me and you, as I coined one thing common between both of us that we are using multi-functioned/multimedia cell phones having ability to run useful software.. Since i read the post, I am trying to down load them and get maximum utility out of it. As you know I am a technology guy like you ;) and always looking for something new to explore. Suggest eFood application for non chef readers of the blog :)Got it man...!

  27. very informative post...thnx..

  28. So many good apps!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I don't use my cell phone that much but I do text my kids now & then.

    Happy day to you!

    Margie :)

  29. A detailed review... :)
    I love eBuddy Mobile Messenger & mobile calculator ... :)
    Stay Blessed

  30. Smart phones aren't that expensive here - you usually get one pretty cheaply with a two-year contract.

  31. @ibrahim...

    dear maybe you dont know how to cook good food but i tell you what, compared to me, you will look like Chef Zakir :P

  32. @atif...

    yes buddy these apps are for me :) as i dont have a very expensive phone so :( free and the trick... :)

  33. @asma khan

    thanks :)
    yes ebuddy rocks :)

  34. @secret agent...
    that contract thing is not common here...and rarely when they offer it, it gets too expensive :(

  35. hey Israr:-)
    I did visit your page ..its just I couldnt leave a comment here...well what to say..em the biggest fan of all these mobile applications that you shared here...My cell keeps 2/3 ebooks at one and messangers..I love them is another good source to get ringtones and mobile themes...

  36. @mishi...

    oh..i thought may be you did not saw the latest post so... :)
    yes sure i will bookmark this website that you just mentioned...and yes ebooks are great for idle moments...:)
    stay blessed :)

  37. IT has invaded :D

    I'll be glad if you follow :]

  38. Very informative .So many application to choose from .Thanks for the post Muhammad .

  39. Hi Muhammad :-) Great writing here on your blog and this post is jam packed with super info! Thanks for sharing and also for stopping by my blog with a comment ~ much appreciated!

    Have a Great Day!
    Princess Fiona <- - couldn't resist lol :D

  40. @lady fiona..
    thanks for appreciating... :) Have a nice time :)

  41. Wow, I was kind of bored off my old cell's applications and these one's are anyday worth checking out! Thanks for sharing such useful stuff!

    Love, Risha :)

  42. @risha...
    thanks you find this post useful... well for me, i have been using these applications for couple of years and i cannot think of my cell without these :) thanks for stopping by :)

  43. Bonjour!
    Un petit coucou de France!

  44. Bonjour!

    merci, je ne parle pas français : (




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