Monday, November 14, 2011

Future of the Future

          “My kid is going to be the most famous doctor in the country”, my mother used to say every morning when she would send me to school. “I do not want to be a doctor. I want to sleep and play.” I would invariably reply. This is the common scene in almost every home of our country. Thankfully, wish of every mother is not fulfilled otherwise it would have become impossible for doctors to find any patients to treat. And after completing my education, I am not a doctor but I am happy with my profession and am passionate about my job. 

Parents start programming their children from the first day at school and this thing continues until he/she becomes a doctor or anything else. Wishing and hoping very high of one’s children is not a bad thing. But one should be realistic. Nobody tries to know what their child want to be? What is their tendency? What is the ability and talent that he/she has been gifted with? These are some questions which are totally ignored even though they are of prime importance. Parents need to realize one thing that every child has been granted different abilities from God. Everyone can't become doctor, engineer, scientist etc. Individual differences are the ultimate reality and the beauty of this world. Some people can become doctors, some engineers, scientists, some can become good teachers and these differences are very important for the maintenance of this universe. We need people having different abilities and professions to run a modern civilized society.
            The only thing that matters in our country for choosing a profession is how much would one earn at the end? The result is that a few subjects become like hot cakes and colleges offering these are flooded with students, but due to the internal policy of educational institutes, lack of seats and many other problems they have to give up their chosen field. Then their only purpose is to complete education and get a degree. This type of perceived failure badly affects the careers of many children. Instead of diagnosing the causes of failure and rectifying, these students are stigmatized with failure for the rest of their lives. The inferiority complex drives many of them to the point of madness. Recently a student in Lahore committed suicide after he was mistakenly declared as having failed his intermediate level exam!

Parents think that by admitting their children in schools of high reputation, they have fulfilled their duty and that their children would automatically become masters of all worldly knowledge. But nobody bothers to assess the intellectual talent, technical ability and IQ level of their children. In public schools, the only goal of the teachers is to end the syllabus irrespective of whether students learn anything or not. They even do not care if anyone is present in the class or not. But each year, on the day of results declaration, parents and teachers instead of sharing the blame equally, unite to torment the students who do not fare good in the exams.

            The only thing which is required and must be provided is: Guidance and Counseling. As a well known principle of economics, ends are always greater than means, there is great competition due to overpopulation; opportunities are less than the people. As population is increasing the number of school going children is also going up day by day. In this situation it is very necessary to provide proper guidance to the students at school level. Our education system should be result oriented instead of the degree-oriented.

            Finally the purpose of this discussion is that the children are the future of any nation, they are like a treasure which must be preserved with utmost care. Government should provide source of guidance and counseling at every institute so they can become good citizens of the country and perform their positive roll in the society. It is also the duty of the teachers to guide them about their future. Parents should also keep in view the interest of their child and provide him opportunities which are required for him so that they can be successful in their lives. They should not impose their own wishes on them because this can be harmful in some situations. 

Everybody is concerned with their future and plans accordingly. But the question is: who is going to think and plan about the future of the future?


  1. Here, everyone does engineering irrespective of whether they are interested/ understand the chosen engineering subject or not!

    Engineering has almost become like an extension to schools and the top/ high quality graduates that pass out of engineering take up Software jobs (Read: Low quality cut-copy-paste BPO/ Clerk/ Secretarial jobs that are done in swanky IT Parks in order to give themselves a moral boost and emulate fake life-styles).

    I mean, what else can they do with their (non existent) skill sets? The only skill these people doing the 'engineering course' develop is 'memory power' and that is useless for any job!

    Can an electrical engineer change a fuse wire? NO. What does a Mechanical engineer do? BPO JOBS. What does a Chemical engineer do? BPO.

    Well, you guessed it - Some countries are specializing to become the back-office hub of the world!

  2. oh iam against ths parents imposing their wish on perception towards ths s one who sail with his own interest in life will surely succeed and for others the percentage is less...that person will have perseverance to touch his aim...

  3. May his soul R.I.P. I heard about his death too and it was so sad and heartbreaking.

    I totally agree with you. Why does our parents only wants us to become either a Doc or an engineer?? I mean there are a hell lot of other respectable and equally or in many cases more earning professions as well.

    I think our parents needd to realize that they should try not to live their dreams through US

  4. Parents with unfulfilled dreams are really dangerous!
    Let children pursue their dreams and aspirations, under proper guidance of course!
    Counselling is essential and parental awareness too..
    You have indeed taken a very relevant theme..Keep going:)

  5. Educational crisis well analysed! The last lines just rocked!
    Recently there was a news report that Private engineering colleges in our state are facing a severe failure problem since majority of the students are not passing out! The success rate is even below 8% in some of the colleges! The reason they put-forth is this rush to "follow the crowd" and somehow seizing a professional degree irrespective of pupil's actual interests! Same is happening in medical profession!

    I am happy that issues like these find space in here for a brushing up of awareness all over again. Well done:-)

  6. This is something i can relate to..

    I had a phase too when i thought i shold end up my life because i couldn't fulfill my parents expectations n nor mine..later got senses back :D

  7. you know its like im in 11th and i chose humanities and not science and this normal/okay step is taken with so much of hungama in my social circle like i have done some kinda crime..!

    i wanna do LAW and not be another doc/engnr in the long crowd so what is the prbs :O
    its frustrating sometimes even more than that.!
    i follow my dreams and you have the right for yours..!
    parents give birth
    you can advice
    but nor force
    i think parents should understand the fine line b/w the two
    its a great effort and a very meaningful story :)

    and if i may ask wheres ISRAR?

  8. Never force children to do what you choose for them as a carrier. Advise is good, but forcing is not

  9. wonderful topic kiran and beautifully conveyed the message... almost everybody here can relate to this... sometimes the parents explicitly tell us what to do but sometimes they wish us to do something but do not tell it in words and the situation becomes so tense and emotional... i hope with awareness parents should realize that its the children who will be spending their lives with their chosen profession and therefore they should be given the choice to do so... in pakistan it is medicine while someone pointed out that in india it is engineering... i think every profession is needed in the world and as you have mentioned that what if everybody becomes a doctor? the whole system would collapse...

  10. @Suvaiba...

    I am here...I was home and did not have access to internet so could not follow your posts and comments...sorry :( ....

  11. In a world of 7 billion people (and growing) the discussion of education should be on everyone's mind, and preferably on their lips. We need to think exactly about that great question you posed at the end: "who is going to think and plan about the future of the future?" We need to realize that many of the professions of today will not even exist in that future, and that new professions we need to dream about and plan for now will become a reality in the future. There should be "think tanks" in every country comprised of people from many different professions to talk about these things. There should be a profession called "Over-populationist" that the best and brightest would choose as their calling. What better way to serve mankind than to study overpopulation? (Not that we would want all parents to suddenly want their children to become "Over-populationists" instead of doctors! There needs to be balance.)

    Here the word for parents who dictate how their kids live their lives are called Helicopter Parents, because they are always hovering over the kids preventing them from living their own lives. Teachers hate these kinds of parents...and for good reason!

  12. You're right. This is a universal scenario.

  13. I still don't get it...Why force ur wishes on an individual? Why can't we let the child decide what he wants to be when he/she grows up!

  14. Live one day at a time, and the moment you impose yourself on an innocent, you make him live someone else's dream, someone else's wishes. And rarely does it end beautifully.

  15. yap. i wanna to do fashion designing but here i am.............

  16. very relevant post.
    my generation had only two professions to choose from - doc or engineer and most of my classmates today are either of one of these

    few oddballs like me found our calling in life quite late & with lot of strife

    the population & opportunities analogy is a perfect one and so is the pressure on admissions/"reputed colleges"

    counselling is so imp today more than ever and the mindset of "dignity of labour" not just a doctor but every person who "works diligently & honestly" is worthy of our respect

  17. very wel written kiran !
    You have presented a topic whch is directly relatd to a professional subject i.e EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY. The only subject if teachers and parents has to understand is this field whch explain the term 'INDIVIDUAL DIFFRENCES' whch is the only solution to the above discusd problem.

  18. Hello.
    Fascinating & informative post Kiranshah.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Israr, good to have you back, my friend.
    Thanks for taking the time to visit.
    I have a gift for you. Please feel free to claim it here.

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Very Educational Post Kiran!

    Thanks for sharing it here with us.

    If parents let their children to their favourite fields,they can explore and discover more and new things but if they forced their children to do other than that,their talent will be spoiled and it is spoiled due to ignorance of parents.

  20. I think it happens everywhere where parents play the key role to mould their children's future without taking into consideration what their children are inclined to. We understand the parents' pride in seeing the excellent achievements of their children academically but a surplus of one profession will cause an imbalance of professional jobs in the country. Only then we realise the need to have more graduates of other fields to fill up the gaps.

    I like your question. It's worth pondering.

  21. Hello my respectable readers! sorry for being late in reply' i was bz bcz there were some marg cermonies in my family bt now i m here with all of u....:) thanx for giving ur coments about my little effort.............

  22. Exciting songs!
    thanks for sharing about the trend of ur country...... yup it is cmn in every country that some profsns are takn as 1st choice like u told.... in India it is engrng n here it is mdcn....... u r right when we chose a field acrding to the situatn of the time which doesn't match to our choice nor we have ability that is required for it then the result will ultimatly that what u said.......... thanx again

  23. Nisha@
    thanx for reading this post n sharing ur views.... You are absolutely right in ur opinion.... Those who chose a field acrding to their intrest they l must be successful.... Only such people can prform their roll in the best way...

  24. Aliza@
    thanx u read this post.... I totaly agree with u..... Our parents should give imprtnce to our intrsts.... It is good that parnts think abt the future of their child bt they should not impose thier dreams on thier child bcz it brings failure.....

  25. Pygmalion@
    yea such parnts are dangrous.... I agree with ur openion that parnts should guide their child to the best bt never force him to do wht he/she dn't want.... I l keep going if friends like u will support me through ur coments....:) Thanks a lot .....

  26. whenever I visit Pakistan, I find more doctors and less patients; hence doctors are forced to kill flying bugs. makhian maro
    Waisey bee doctors are good for polluting your body with more deadly chemicals.
    inject number 2----give me a break!
    I love Pakistan but not the doctors.
    Parents just want a money making machine. Am I right?
    Visit my blog please-------

  27. Its so disappointing and so pervasive..

    Great message u have given here :)
    Nice read

  28. It is interesting. I think a lot is to do with the child. Some are free spirits and must find their own way. Others might not be able to decide what to do, unless their path was mapped out for them. Perhaps the thinking was in the past that it is better to have a profession, even if it doesn't suit you personally, because then you get money and can survive. But that might not be so relevant in today's world. I wonder if this will change.

  29. Nasin@ thanks for likng n appreciating my little effort.......u r absolutely right when people wiil run after a same thing without having ability n interst the result will same as u told.......plz keep on visiting this blog.....:)

  30. Sunakshi@
    it is good u cntrold urself n didnt lose ur senses........ here r some people who fail to recover their confidence....... in such condition our parents should stand by us....... they can creat a new hope if they guide us to another optn....

  31. Suvaiba@
    hungama was must na.... afterall you chosed a profession against their wishes bt u done well...:) it is much better to do what u want than that u dont like... bcz u never can give ur hundred% to a field u dont like..... thak

  32. Munir@
    yup i l never force my child-p you also take care abt that......:) thanks u read it.

  33. Israr@
    yup it is due to lack of awareness..... it is good if parents wish something for their child bt they should be realistic....thanks u helped mein sharing something here on ur blog..... keep on guiding me more.....:)

  34. Lydia@
    haha i liked ur cment....Helicopter parents n here in pk exist a large amount of such parents-p yup we should be more realistic about future..... thanx... keep on sharing ur views here.

  35. Dave@
    thanks for being here n giving ur coment...:)

  36. Ria@
    u know na parents think that they have much experience than their child so they are right.... i think they are right bt child can also b right, afteral it is his life so he or she should be given option to decide abt his or her future.... thanks...

  37. Crystal@
    excellent remarks.... yup this is not god to impose to someone's dreams on an innocent mind... thanks

  38. foodokhan@
    it will must be more better for u than being a fashion designer so be happy...-p

  39. Sujatha@
    thanks for supporting my views.... yup honesty should be given respect n dignity... it not imptnt to be a dr. or main thing that should be must is work honestly..... thanks again dear.

  40. Maria@
    ur knowledge about education is really perfect... yup it is study of the behavior of the individual which can help teachers and parents to guide the student in the best way.......thanks for giving such accurate comment....:)

  41. andy@
    thanks for reading n giving ur feedback about it.... keep on sharin ur views here..

  42. Basharat Ali@
    thanks u liked this... yup parents should help their child in his choice it will his abilities otherwise forcing will bring failure as u have mentioned...

  43. Balqis@
    yup it happens everywhere bcz parents think that they can decide better for their child bcz their experience n knowledge is much more than a child.... their concern is not bad but they should keep in view the tendency of their child..... erectly we need more graduates having different professional abilities to run the system of any country..... thanks for liking it....:)

  44. Tariq mian@
    you are totally right.... i agree with ur opinion.... here are many individuals having MBBS degrees.... they are jobless so wo makhian hi maren ge na-p. some drs. are keen to increase the amount of patients to run their private clinic... thanks for sharing ur views.... il must visist ur blog... mujhe pta nhi chalta na ap kb update krte apne blog ko plz tell ta k men regularly read kr skon....

  45. Mishra@
    yup it is disappointing bcz its result is never good.... thanks for reading, keep on visiting and giving feedback in future as well....:)

  46. Jenny@
    yup in this age of competition one only can be successful if he or she chose the field of their choice bcz in this way they can get professionalism....... thanks for reading n sharing ur ideas about that.....:)

  47. @Andy ...
    thank you for the gift..i have accepted and posted it on the blog :) thank you again :)

  48. Nowadays people are going for jobs which pay more, and not for what they love doing. Dreams shatter :) It's sad..

  49. a grt post kiran!
    agree wid u totally....

    know wat??? i wanted to be a journalist/writer when i was in school.... i wanted to take up humanities.....
    my family was vehemently opposed to all this and here i am... guess wat???

    a doctor!!!

    i never never wanted to be a doctor....but, then again, i thot i shudnt disappoint my parents.... i joined the course but was never able to study properly coz i had absolutely no interest in actually 'practising'.... however, during my internship - while really practising as a doc... i fell in love with this profession.. but, my base is weak.. and i wil have to work really hard if i need to make up for the wasted years....

    thankfully, Allah Paak made me like the subject at the end... but it doesnt happen with all....

    this 'pressurizing' thing by our parents can really mess up lives...

    CBSE suicides are pretty famous in India... there are so many help lines to help children deal with the cut throat competition....

    competition is good but not wen it can kill...

    thanks for the grt post.:)

  50. my parents were very much of the generation where you trusted the teachers, and having been constantly pushed by their own parents made the assumption that if i was not doing well at school it was because it was all i was capable of doing

    i don't think it really occurred to them that the school might be failing me, or that i could achieve more in a different setting

  51. Philo@
    yup its very sad that everyone is running to earn more n more money....... modern don't live life under the shelter of his dreams......thanks for reading...:)

  52. jalpari@
    u r really lucky that u come up the expectations of ur parents and i can understand how much struggle u had done for this but here r some cases in an individual couldn't get success in spite of trying their best........... now u feel love for this profession so keep on working....... best of luck.... thanks for sharing ur personal experience n liking this post...:)

  53. Pixies@
    yea parents have much trust the teachers..... thanks for being here n sharing something about u...........:)

  54. Hello all friends!
    thanks again for ur comments and sorry for being late in reply, actually i was having some problem in using internet means a lot for me that u people read it n shared ur own experiences.......:)

  55. verily agree with you. the same thing happen in my country i guess.

    it always doctor for the daughters and at least engineer for the sons.

  56. Inspector@
    i think it is common..... thanks u read and liked this.....:)



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