Sunday, July 31, 2011

And the Award Goes to...

It gives me a great pleasure and a sense of pride that finally I received the following "AWARDS" from my friend Mishi

While there is another special AWARD from a special person, Andy.

Thanks dear friends for considering me for these prestigious awards. Now the hard part is to give these awards to other persons. So here we go:

I will add those who are left. I had to rush the ceremony as my internet connection is pathetic for the last couple of days. And congratulations to all of you who got awards. Now you have to give these awards to blogs of your choice.


  1. and what are the basis for giving these awards, exactly.

  2. The same basis as for the award of Nobel Peace Prize to Obama :-P

  3. Buddy... Its unfair that all tributes goes to only you.... Where are our awards as you deemed and confirmed to me that they will gonna celebrated. I am sure you guessed my point rightly, "Awards for marvel comm-enters of your Blogspot" ;(((

  4. Congratulations on your awards, you have a great blog!

  5. I see congratulations are in order for you too, Muhammad! 'Tis indeed the season of gift-giving and also a way to share with & encourage each other.

  6. Congratulations.
    May u win many more.

  7. Congratulations, and also thank you! I especially like the one with the strange cat.

  8. @Muhammad Israr: Congratulations.... :)
    PeeeeeP PeeeeP Thanks for award... But sorry I can't publish it as post.... :$
    Stay Blessed

  9. Congratulations!

    Stumbled on your blog just now and Followed! You have a nice blog over here =D



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