Monday, September 12, 2011

New Anarkali – the Love Story Continues

Love stories are as old as the human race. Every part and every culture on the planet has some epic tales about these. Here in the sub-continent, we have many tales of love and betrayal but no other tale attracts as much attention and heartache as the story of Anarkali and the Prince Salim. Almost 4 centuries ago, King Akbar the Great was on the throne of the Kingdom of India. Prince Salim was his son and hence, the Crown Prince. He fell in love with one of the chamber-maids, Anarkali.  But the King did not approve of their love. The Prince was adamant and he even rebelled and a war was fought between the father and son. Anarkali was house arrested and the Prince surrendered on the condition that the life of Anarkali would be saved. The King, according to some accounts, set free and exiled her, while some says she was killed. Nobody knows for sure the real story. And some even challenge the whole story as untrue. But never the less, it is been told for centuries now and we in Lahore even have a bazaar, probably the busiest bazaar of the city, named after her, the Anarkali Bazaar. And then it has extended to form a new bazaar, New Anarkali. But imagine if this love story takes place in the modern setting, in this age of modern technology? Here, I tried to portray a scene from this epic tale.

King Akbar the Great is sitting in his palace. Maan Singh, his Chief of Army, is sitting beside him. The King has just signed out from his Account-e-Aaam (Facebook account for the common citizens).

King Akbar: (Taking a big bite from his Big Mac) I am happy America didn’t default.

Maan Singh: Sire, I didn’t know my lord was interested in world’s economy.

KA: Well, I was a bit worried about my little change in those numbered accounts in Swss banks.

MS: I agree sire.

KA: (Taking another mouthful) Do you think I look more handsome in 3-piece suit?

MS: With regular gym, yes sire.

KA: I do go to gym regularly!

MS: Three visits in 4 years, including the inauguration!

KA: Whatever!

The King plays the latest episode of Coke Studio. Taan Sen feat Stereo Nation.

Mujhe raat ko neend na aye, 
Ke teeri pal pal yaad sataye,
Tu sun le WAPDA…

(After a long pause, while logging in to his Account-e-Khas (Facebook account for the Elites of his government), turning towards Maan Singh.

King Akbar: Have not seen of Sheikho (Prince Salim) lately. What is the matter with him?

Maan Singh: Sire, he may be busy with his routine stuff.

KA: He even does not bother to comment on my Facebook status!

MS: Well, sire, the point is that he may be, actually…

KA: You are hiding something from me. Come to the point. I want the truth.

MS: In that case, I must tell that the Prince is busy reading the blogs of Anarkali and both of them talk daily for hours on their cell phones.

KA: What? How is it possible? Mobile phone talk-time is so much expensive and I did not find any irregularity in his Bank Statements.

MS: Sire, the Prince and the Maid are using Ufone Ghanta (hourly) Package.

KA: Ghanta Package?

MS: Means one can talk for 1 hour for 4 rupees.

KA: But our official carrier is Airtel and Maharani Jodha (Grand Queen Jodha) SMSes him on his Airtel number.

MS: Sire, the Prince is using a dual-sim phone.

KA: Dual-Sim! Yes off course.

The King returns to his screen and when he saw on his wall this status message of his son, Prince Salim, he is dumbfounded.

The King swivels his laptop towards Maan Singh so that he too can see the conversation.

KA: what they meant by “asman pe ajan”? how can they go to the sky?

MS: Sire, asman=sky, they meant Skype, the video chat software.

KA: But how can he use it with his limited internet connection?

MS: My Lord, the Prince has subscribed to the PTCL Student Broadband Package.

KA: But Sheikho is not a student. He graduated 3 years ago from Oxford Dictionary.

MS: Sire, Oxford University. Yes he did try but still have some courses to pass. So he is still regarded as a student, officially.

KA: And does the Prince know that Facebook policy prevents users from sharing their passwords with anyone?

MS: Sire, the Prince thinks that he and Anarkali are one.

King Akbar locates the blog page of Anarkali and in a little while, hacks her password. The King is of the opinion that it is the blog that has poisoned the Prince. Suddenly it dawns upon the King that he is no longer able to access his Facebook account. He receives a text from an unknown Ufone number:

Your Facebook account is hacked. If you want to take it back, give me the password of Anarkali’s Blog.


The King is furious. Maharani (grand-queen) Jodha enters the Palace. Both men stop talking.

Maharani Jodha: Aalam Panah, I wish Amit get Anjali and marry her.

King Akbar: Maan Singh! Make the necessary arrangements for the wedding.

(Maan Singh, confused, is about to ask something but Maharani Jodha interrupts)

MJ: Sire, I was talking about the new drama serial, "Kahani 100 saal ki (Story of a 100 years)" !

KA: Serial?

MJ: Yes the new serial on Star Plus. Tonight will be the 721st episode.

KA: New indeed!

MJ: Please tell WAPDA to make sure there is no power outage at that time.

KA: But there is no outage in the palace!

MJ: I am worried about the outage at Cablewalas place.

KA: Okay.

MJ: (as if remembering something suddenly) I want you to gift me a new Saari. The same design as that of Begum Nawazish Ali.

KA: Maharani Jodha! You are worrying about saaris? Look what your son has done! (tellling her the details).

MJ: But what is so worrying about it?

KA: I have posted our wedding pictures on my Facebook too.

MJ: So?

KA: (whispering) well, do you remember I am grinning like a complete idiot in one of those pictures with you!

MJ: I will talk to Anarkali.

The King and the Queen convince Anarkali to delete her blog and never ever create a new one for the sake of the Kingdom. Fearing for Prince’s life, Anarkali agrees. The King SMS her's blog password to the Prince and he in return sent the King’s Facebook password. The King and the Queen are looking at their wedding pictures and smiling. Anarkali deletes her blog forever. The Prince is still searching everyday and googling her blog but it is nowhere to be found.

(DISCLAIMER: The idea for this post was given by Fatima. If you like it, the credit is mine because she only gave the idea and I wrote it, but if you don't like, then you should criticize her, because I only wrote, and the idea is all that matters  :P )

As an afterthought, I would post the link to a brilliant video which portrays all the characters of the original story. King Akbar, Maan Singh, Anarkali and Prince Salim are clearly portrayed along with the original story. Hope it make things more clear.


  1. lolz...nice glad anarkali-sheikho lived in past.

  2. Laughing...bravo! I LOVE this.
    Excellent portrayal of how technology times have changed.

    Well done, my friend!

  3. No comparison--but good comedy!

    Today's love is at a super sonic speed,
    "Chat Mangni pat biaah tay khat oulaad." wireless-electronics-hitech and what not.

    While four centuries ago, "love craze" had real touh time suffering from "connection deficit"-- usually ending up as a postponed court date sometimes till after expiration (soulessness).

  4. @anonymous...
    thanks for liking :)
    yes sure they did live in the past but yet ifs and buts will always be there :)

  5. @andy...
    thanks for reading and liking... yes indeed technology have changed a lot of things and one thinks what would have been happened if this and that thing was or was not there in this or that time... :) i am glad it made you laugh :)

  6. @mademoiselle...
    welcome to our blog.... yes it sounds hilarious when we think of today's technology in the past :)

  7. @tariq mian..
    thanks for reading and summed it up has changed a lot of things...feelings, emotions and the human race itself ...

  8. An other nice read... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed!

  9. Vow! Really enjoyed the creation...what an imagination you have...and yes the last statement was damn funny...both the idea and the execution of the idea deserve the appreciation...idea was great and you have rendered it in he most hilarious way...looking forward to read more from you...keep up the good work:-)

  10. I didn't know the original Salim / Anarkali story - thanks for the outline... Your adaptation is interesting and humorous... The best one was 'aasman p'=skype: Too good! Not sure how you edited that FB profile...

  11. @Israr.....
    Time has changed but emotions are same..-p, yup technology has created many anarkalies n sheikhues.... Love is realy a sweet passion....:)

  12. haha....
    Very interesting
    But in this modern story where is dilaram?
    Has she gone to cafe for chat?

  13. halorious... wonderful piece of writing israr...excellent idea and superb writing skills by U!
    a nice twist from serious to funny scene depiction i must say that u r the "WRITER OF ALL WEATHERS"

    where is Dilaram the RAQEEB of Anarkali? how she left shekho and anarkali soper safe :P
    i think she z the mastermind behind the hacking of password of Anarkali :D


  14. @nasnin...

    I am very glad that you enjoyed my humble effort...well i was worried whether people will like it or not so have to include the last sentence :)
    thanks once again..hope you will come back :)

  15. @ES...
    thanks...i am glad you enjoyed it... yes this story is very famous and there are so much on cinema, tv and books about this...but i still included the original outline so that its easy to grasp the new one :)... hmmm about those fb profiles.. *whisper* trade secrets :)

  16. @iffi...
    i am very glad that it made you laugh :)

  17. @kiranshah...
    yes sure ...emotions are the same... and yes love is sweet for those who knows it :)
    har kisi ko nahi milta yaha pyar zindagi mai... :P

  18. @basharat...
    thanks for liking... i have no idea about dilaram? may be sheikho has another sim for her... or may be she is in the cafe... one never knows :p

  19. @almas...

    ah..thank you so much for appreciating my little effort :) yes the idea is superb... *rolling eyes* but why dont you appreciate the writer? :@ :P

    amm...i dont know about dilaram..maybe she is in netcafe or she does not have credit in her mobile...or whatever :P yes surely... she is involved in the hacking of the blog...anyway it was not a difficult task to guess the password of anarkali's blog... :) we all know what it was :)

  20. hehe am glad they did not have facebook back then :) but i wish they had blogs :)

    i liked the post, made me smile when i much needed it.

  21. awesome israar =)

    ure a very intriguing writer. keep it up =)

  22. what a twist in the tale!! laughing at the new version! good one Israr :)

  23. Haha. This is the funniest thing I read in a while. I needed this. Thanks. To you and Fatima. Because Idea is what matters. :-)

  24. I loved how you put the FB profile/status updates in there! That was too cool!

  25. Hahahahahahahahhahaha.


  26. I just love how you put an old story into the modern times. Very clever how you were able to do the Facebook status things. Can't figure out how you achieved THAT!

  27. 1stLy why ant u visiting my blog?? :((
    2ndly) anarkali and the love story b/w them is not a historical event just imagination
    3rdly) and most importantly i love the story...! :)) the one which you have written ofcorse..! :P
    its a LOL story n i love LOL stories :)) they are better than love stories..! :) and i love the FB wala part..!
    and shekhuuuuuuuuuuuu is the most cutest name ever..! :)

  28. funny but true :)

  29. hahahahahha loved every word of it was awesome...Dint know you have such a mind blowing sense of this credit surely goes to Fatima for giving you a chance to bring that hidden talent out..;p it was beautifully written...couldnt get more better then this...shabash:-)

  30. Haha - so love is not irrelevant in the modern age!

  31. AWESOME; and that's just an understatement. i LOVED it:D

  32. very very clever: a bridge from the long ago past to the tekky future which is now the present!

    i can see how much you love to write. it is so great to meet other writers!


  33. finally em back, your lovely post compell me to come back :)
    Hahahahahhahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhaha :D its super fab ♥
    inspiration :D

  34. @chintan...

    yes wish they had blogs then and i wonder how many followers would have followed the blogs of anarkali and all :)

    i m glad it made you smile...shows that my efforts are not in vain :)

  35. @MAHNOOR...

    welcome to our blog... thanks for reading and liking... i am just hopelessly cluttered writer :)

  36. @sujatha..

    there is always a twist in the tale :) glad that it made you laugh...thanks for liking :)

  37. @zeba...
    thanks for reading and liking... :)
    im glad it put a smile on your face :)
    and yes... idea is all that matters...hope she reads this :P

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  39. @sheila...

    welcome... i m glad you liked it :) thanks :)

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    thanks man..its good to see you laughing.. :)

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    thanks for reading and liking :)
    lolz...the facebook status change... well its a trade secret :) i am glad it made you laugh :)

  42. @suvaiba fatima..

    1stly i wasnt feeling well but see i have commented on your blog already :)
    2ndly the most interesting things are only in our imagination :)
    3rdly.. thanks for reading and liking given that you are a fab fiction writer :)
    and why you hate luv stories when you write them :P


    thanks for reading and liking :)

  44. @mishi...

    thanks for reading and liking it so much..i didnt expect it to be that much likeable :)
    yes the credit surely goes to fatima, it was her idea.. :)
    i think everybody does have a sense of humour...its only the environemnt and the time that brings it out... its very pleasing to get so much appreciation from a fantastic writer like you :) *smile*

  45. @jenny... is not irrelevant..just the mode and means of communication are changed :)

  46. @butterfly...
    THANK YOU... for reading and liking it SOOO MUCH :) *smile*

  47. @kj...
    thank you for liking and reading...
    yes i try to write randomly.. :) i am glad writers like you appreciated it :) thank you again :)

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  50. There is a truth to these old tales, whether they are true or not. Well told.

  51. Master piece..........superb.........wonderful....

    so good.

  52. lol!!! this was really funny :)
    but the funniest part was the last line... ha ha ha!!!! well, i guess both of you deserve congrats... fatima for the idea and you for the write up. :)

  53. Well, I did not like it, Muhammad.....I loved it! So part credit goes to Fatima for the very-clever idea, and the rest goes to you for creative inspiration and storytelling. As brilliant as I am sure you must be in your chosen field of study, you might also have a fine career as a playwrite or screenplay writer! This was most entertaining (and informative, too, as I did not know the story).

  54. I failed to ask about your safety, as I moments ago read about the loss of many lives in flooding there. What tragic news. I hope you and your family are far away from the event.

  55. the name for skype was epic. XD
    i heard of this story before
    but the new version is funny. on point.

  56. @dave king...
    rightly said...there is always something for us in these stories :)

  57. @A...
    thank you sooooo much for liking it :)

  58. @jalpari...
    thank you for liking :)
    looks like no one is reading the last statement :P :P :P

  59. @lydia...

    hahaha...i thought you didn't like it :)
    yes...Fatima gave this idea :)
    and yes i wrote it somehow :)
    hahaha...i wonder when the hollywood people get bored of their movies and they want to close the industry, surely they will hire me for the task :P
    and it is a very famous story... and there is a famous movie on this subject as well in the indian film industry :)

  60. @lydia...

    yes i am safe and my family is safe from the floods...but surely these are devastating and millions of people are homeless and affected... :(

    thanks for asking...that was very thoughful of you :)

  61. @asiyah...
    i m glad you liked it... its good to have read/watched the original story and then one can enjoy the new version more :)

  62. hahahaha, lol, my anarkali, would be thrown into a vault with passwords wagaira and i will save her like James Bond :P
    epic dude, epic,

  63. ur writeup adds me more knowledge and entertainment too...u made me laugh and the story of Anarkali, i really felt happy to know and its touching too...become ur new follower...ur blog is cool

  64. very nice :) i like your blog! thank you for all the kind comments on mine. i'm following yours now!

    - <3

  65. Very -2 nice Israr...
    loved reading it..

  66. It's really funny, so take the credit haha.. thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

  67. @ateeq...

    welcome to our blog...
    lolz... yes you can as you are a mughal :) i am not sure in which vault your anarkali carry on with your search and if you find her, post it :)

  68. @Nisha...
    welcome to our blog..i am glad you read and liked it :) and i am glad it made you laugh :) hope you will come back for more :)

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    welcome to our blog... thanks for reading and liking..., and you remind me of the Miss cortni in the comedy series. "Mind your Language" :)

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  71. @mayen...
    welcome to our blog...
    you are the first one who have read the last statement carefully :P and given me all the credit :P thank you so much :) :) :)

  72. OH MY GOOD LORD ! :O
    That Facebook conversation is the zaniest thing i've gone through hahaha..
    Here for the first time. A beautiful blog indeed :)

  73. @ Israr Buddy!

    Ah what a read and inspirational stuff to boost/promote love into its new version, I will add Face book love with the help of technology involved in modern warfare of love :)

    As you are adept in computer technology, for surely reflected in your blog by creating face book page depicting the dialogue of Prince Salim, Aanaar Kali and King Akbar. I am stunned for your creativity with intellect of writing. Dialogues are well structured, organized and expertly narrated by you. It is a matter of fact that to transform other’s theme into such a viable wordings.

    Thanks a ton for giving all of us a Helicopter view of old love tale, transformed into tech love of the modern arena :) I am late in reply, but you know the reason behind. Keep on moving with smart writings, you know I am your Old but Gold fan :P

  74. Very interesting and humorous!

  75. Ooh, I like this kind of modern adaptation of an old story! (though I still like old stories in their original setting as well... let's just say I love stories.)
    I love how you did the whole facebook thing, and integrated it in your story.
    Great post, and to Fatima: great idea ^^

  76. Loved the whole idea of modern adaptation..
    very witty of u.

    Fb conversation was a treat to the readers :)

    Awesome read !!!!!

  77. Oh my!!! I really enjoyed reading this ~ LoL! Kudos to Fatima for the idea and to YOU, Muhammad, for creating such an enjoyable **MASTERPIECE**!!!

    Like the others, I LOVED the Facebook dialogue and how genuine it appears ~ you are a creative genius ;) And do you know what I enjoyed most about this post? It showcases your sense of humour brilliantly! SO wonderful to see! :D

    Thank you for writing & sharing this very entertaining, well written story with all of us :)

    P.S. ~ Is Israr your first name? Everyone seems to address you as this and I've been calling you Muhammad from day one ~ sorry if it is my mistake :D

  78. very interesting adaptation israr. sure the idea was to dye the age-old LUV story into today's scientific colors, but you wrote it with ingenuity and brilliance. so i say, my friend, idea and write-up; both are yours, exclusively yours. lolz. so thumbs up for your all genuine efforts. really loved reading it. cheers.

  79. Israr,
    I had so much fun reading this post. :) You have a very good sense of humour. Kudos to Fatima for the idea and kudos to you for brilliantly executing it.

  80. S. Mahnoor...
    welcome to our blog...thanks for reading and liking... :)

  81. @crystal...
    welcome to the blog... i am glad you enjoyed it... and you also liked the facebook thing... our aim was to make you people laugh :)

  82. @atif...

    Thank you buddy for liking it :) yes love and emotions are the same as humans are the same...only the means of communications are changed... :) no matter how much advance man gets technologically, emotions and feelings will remain the same :)

    I am just a student of computer and learning from different people like you :)
    as they say, the facebook dialog was the main theme around which the whole scene is revolving...and yes anarkali would have been a fantastic blogger... :)
    I am glad you people liked my dialogs as i am not a literature man :)

    you are not very still made it into the top100 :) hahahahaha

  83. @balqis...
    thanks for reading and liking...i guess i could use your Haikos when i write the scene on the Anarkali side of this story :P

  84. @Bibi...

    yes old is gold and old stories will be told like was just a little humourous touch to this epic of love and betrayal...
    Yes Fatima always has these kind of amazing ideas :)

  85. @jyoti mishra...
    i am glad you liked the story and the facebook was just a little experiment... many many thanks for reading :)

  86. @sarah...

    thanks for reading and liking :)

  87. @Lady Fiona...
    thanks a lot for reading and liking...yes idea was great...i only write and i am glad that you people so much liked it :)
    hahaha...i m glad you liked the sense of humour...i guess next in line is SHREK? :P

    i thought you would miss on this one as you did not comment for so long :) i am glad you finally read and liked it :)

    P.S. my first name is Muhammad...but a little trick is that here in this part of the world, we are not really concerned with first or last names, there are common names, like if i were Israr Muhammad or Muhammad Israr, people will still call me its a tricky thing...doesnt matter if you called me Muhammd as it is perfectly alright but the popular name is Israr :)

  88. @Fatima...
    hahaha...yes but i think one cannot work without an idea so... :)
    ok we split the credit :) 50-50 right? half to you for the idea and the other half to me for write up :) i dont want to give you 50 percent but i m sure then you would not give me any ideas in the future so :P

  89. @Punam...

    Welcome to the blog...
    I am very glad that you like it so much and laughed :)
    See Fatima is very shy and not taking the credit but still thanks :)

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  91. Dear Mister ISRAR :)

    I really like that name because it is very unique, at least to my part of the world :) It's quite ironic, but if someone here calls you by your last name and it isn't preceded by a title such as Mr. or Mrs., then it is viewed as being disrespectful, unless you are good friends with that person. Oh that does sound strange, eh? :D Thank you for enlightening me on the topic :)

    Shrek is definitely the next in line :p I have a small request, could we drop the whole ogre thing and give me a glamorous make-over? LoL!

    I was behind in reading but caught up last night and lucky for me I scroll wayyy back so I don't miss anything as good as this :)

  92. I have read somewhere that when u want to decide rating of a book, article or story then just look at the end,,,,,,,,if u dont wish to continue after ending then it never deserve excellent ratings,,,,,But here in this case I can claim that there will no one who wish to end this story,,,,,,Fatima and Misterio, I applaud you both for such a great and novel effort,,,,,,,, its an amazing amalgam of old tale with new concepts,,,,,hats off guys,,,, For Misterio I would like to say that I am going to share this story on my wall not to advertise Misterio but to advertise myself that I am friend of a magical writer....the great Misterio vida....!

  93. Absolutely fantastic and hilarious. Great job Muhammad and you even illustrated it with a real facebook chat.

  94. @Lady Fiona...

    hmmm...yes that is why i told you that at this part of the world, it is common thing that people call you by your popular name...first or last doesnt you can call me israr without a mister :)
    hahahah...if i ever do shrek, i will request you for your input into the story definitely you are the main character in that story :P
    yes i was thinking that you didnt read it and you came here on the last day as on monday there will be new post so...i was wondering because on the last post, you were the first to comment :)

  95. @adian...

    I was wondering why you have not read this thing..i thought may be you didnt like it so you didtn comment even though i request you people that you can comment if you want to criticize...its not necessary that comments should be appreciation...but now i am glad that you finally read it :)

    Thank you from me and fatima :)
    Do share it on your wall if you feel like it :)
    This is the most beautiful tribute a novice writer like me can get from anyone :) thanks a ton for your so much appreciation...
    i think my plans to reduce my weight goes down the drain with your words because i am feeling like i gained a pound reading this :P

  96. @marja...
    Thank you so much for reading and liking it... yes the facebook chat was essential to the plot :)
    i am glad you enjoyed the whole thing :)

  97. Hahahahhahaha a wonderful story infct high tech Shahi khaandaan.... and sorrie for sheikhoo who is unable to google anarkali's blog..... :-D such an interesting and entertaining story and i must say nyce idea by fatima...

  98. 50-50...its called bribe. ideas cant be bribed away. :-P :-D

  99. @anonymous...

    thanks for reading liking and commenting :)
    yes this shahi khandan is very high-tech :)
    yes hamdardi with shekho :P
    nice idea by fatima :)

  100. @fatima...
    ok 80-20 in your favour :P
    now you can give me other ideas :P :)

  101. The video is a great addition to the post, Israr! :) You get 100% credit for this he he! One with English subtitles would be nice too ~ maybe it could be my next video project :P Thank you for sharing with us :)

  102. @Lady Fiona...

    well i could not do the sub-titling as i do not have the copyrights to the video :( i just posted the youtube link to it... i dont know if there is a video with english subtitles...i would add it if i find any.... :) best of luck for your next project :P

  103. Haven't had a chance to read your post yet but will do soon enough till then just wanted to share this:

  104. :)
    ur post in my opinion was absolutely awesome in flashes.
    best part bein d facebook update wid perfect sync to mughal-e-azam style n odr high points frm cablewala to nawazish ali.

    d flow tho i thot was a wee bit overdone. or mayb i dint understand it.
    like d part abt weddin pics or passwrd switchin.

    on d whole, id say light read n sure made me smile :)

    @ fatima- grt concept. 10 on 10 :)

  105. @Richi...

    will wait for the time when you will read our posts :) till then...cheers...

  106. @Sadiya...

    a warm welcome to our blog :)
    i am glad you like the fb :) and you are the first one to notice the nawazish ali part :)

    yes i also think the bit about pics and password...there was something else in the original post but then i changed it :)

    i am glad it made you smile :)

    10/10 only to fatima? :( not fair... :P

  107. @Israr ~ I came back to thank you very much for the English translation of the video & story that you presented me with! I was not familiar with this love story until I read your post.

    You have described it so beautifully and I'm especially touched and intrigued by the fact that you live in the city where this castle is still erect ~ WoW!

    I appreciate the time and effort you invested in the translation and I think it would be a good idea (100% mine, of course :P) if you were to create a link on this blog where other 'language challenged' *giggles* people could read and enjoy it :)

    117 comments now :) Have a *wonderful* day and I thank you very kindly, once more :)

  108. Hilarious...and I think I will give some credit to Fatima as well :) I guess I need to explore your blog much much more now :)

  109. @israr-
    hieeeeeeeee again you ant visiting :((
    and yes i agree with that part
    and i hate love stories coz for there is nothing as LOVE
    i only write coz i imagine and there is a HUGE difference between imagination and reality..!

  110. Hilarious ! Perfect way to fight Monday Blues !Thanks for sharing .You are on my blog side bar now :)Have a nice week Muhammad.

  111. @Lady Fiona...

    Yes its a famous story and everybody know it here...yes i can understand in your part of the world this story wouldnt be known to many many people... that is why i tried to translate the theme of that video..its a music video...and there is also a movie based on this story... :)

    Yes the castle is intact as it was centuries ago...its called Shahi Qilla :) means the Royal Castle...

    You can post your link if you feel like it can help somebody :) yes the idea would be yours and if anybody criticize it :P

    See love is still very popular so i think 117 comments are justified :)

  112. @Siddharta Joshi...

    Thanks for reading and liking it :) and yes credit should be given where it is due :)
    and thanks for commenting..i found your blog and it is awesome... :)

  113. @Suvaiba...

    Ah i am so sorry if i couldnt visit your blog... actually i am following many blogs and some people posts many times a day so probably some posts go through the roll without being noticed...i wish i could have people banned for posting so frequently :P
    i guess now i have commented on your post :)

    i love love stories and i hate lovestories :P

  114. @kavita...
    Welcome to our blog... thanks for reading and liking it..i am glad it made you smile :)
    and i am honoured to be featured on your blogroll :)
    have a nice week :)

  115. wao great story :D

  116. You have an excellent and extraordinary powers of thoughts, imagining, planning and then transform all these into a great writing, I am impressed. I strongly urge you to keep alive that writer inside you, besides doing your studies/jobs in daily life.

    1. thank you so much for reading and liking my writings... i am glad you appreciated and enjoyed my little efforts... surely i will try to keep on writing besides my studies :) thank you for being here...

  117. Hahaha.. Nice Write up.. Enjoyed reading it:)

    Keep Writing:)

    P.S: I am Following You now:)

    1. welcome to our blog...

      thanks for reading and liking it...i am glad you enjoyed it... and thanks for the follow :)

  118. Excellent portrayal of how technology times have changed.

  119. welcome to our blog... yes technology has changed everything... :)
    have a nice weekend :)



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