Monday, September 19, 2011

If Time Machine Were Invented

I sat down to gather my thoughts on the question that given an opportunity whether I would like to travel back in time or ahead while watching the news on BBC World. There was a news item, which sent shivers through my spine. Six white policemen in South Africa were shown mercilessly beating a black helpless boy and at the same time unleashing their dogs on him. I could not stand the sight when I saw the dogs attacking and dragging the already bruised boy. I turned off the TV in disgust.

To side track my mind a little I picked up a newspaper and started sifting through the pages. I came across an article about the killing diseases which have plagued the world in the last millennium. The article mentioned that although Polio, TB, Smallpox etc have been harnessed, but Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and many more diseases are still prevailing in the world, which are incurable. 

After I finished up with the newspaper I picked up a magazine to read something light for relaxing. But I was in for a difficult evening. As luck would have it, again I came across an article describing the poverty and famine in the world. There were pictures of starved and under nourished children of Somalia and Ethiopia, the women carrying water on their heads from distant places in Pakistan, the scantily clothed people living in straw huts in densely populated villages of Bangladesh, the people of poor South American countries living in towns with stagnant sewerage water, and so many pictures showing the unlivable conditions in which the major portion of the world population is living. Although these people work hard from dawn to dusk but it makes no difference due to uneven distribution of wealth in the world they cannot make it to the other side of the poverty line. The pictures in the magazine showed the bleak side of humanity. The long strides of progress, which the world has taken due to technological developments, have not been transferred to common man.

I dropped the magazine and asked my father to take me out for a drive so that I could relax a little. Well, we were smoothly driving in the lit up environment of a metropolitan city and I was observing the people of this busy bustling city. Besides many other things, one thing was surely evident - they were not relaxed, satisfied and comfortable people despite of the fact that they are the citizens of technology age. They looked exhausted and tensed which was evident from their body language. I keep on thinking why it is so. Is it due to the increased pollution in the environment, or is it due to difficulty in coping with ever improving life styles? Is it due to unequal distribution of the goodies of life or is it due to increase in our own threshold of satisfaction?

Whatever the reason may be, my conclusion that evening was that at present majority of the people in the world are not living happy and comfortable lives. From olden times of jungle survival they have progressed on the modern times of urban survival. And for me this is not an ideal world to live. So what is the solution? Should I travel back or forward in time? If we review the history of past millenniums we found the inhuman treatment of human beings had been much more in past. Slave trading, Colonialism, Apartheid, forced labor and Feudalism are few examples. Over the centuries the world has improved and is still improving but still we are far from ideal. The injustices at international, regional, national and domestic levels are still there. The poor is still being suppressed and exploited. The ‘might is right’ which is law of jungle is still prevalent in the present day.


(P.S from Muhammad Israr: I have included a video in my last post on Anarkali portraying the original story. Hope you will find it useful)


  1. i'd go to the future and see what things can i prevent from happening. changing the past might result in me not existing because my parents may not meet because of an event i changed. i cant let that happen. XD

  2. I tell people often that I was born too late and would love to travel back in time but take today's technology with me ha ha!

    Since this doesn't answer your question and we can't have it both ways, I would still prefer to travel back in time. I think people lived more simple and satisfying lifestyles then. Suffering was not as evident as it is today and people were not filled with as much rage. Even in my lifetime, I can look back and compare the negative changes.

    I know there are many examples of exceptions to the elements I just listed, but I sincerely feel that the world is not getting better and we are living in the last days . . . thought provoking post :)

  3. very well written Israr :)
    i love the ideas behind your posts!!
    Yeah please invent time machine ASAP... i would revert back my childhood... when we all used to live together with mum & dad.... :-|

    Love x

    My Blog is missing you... where are you??? you alrite??

  4. ** Is it due to unequal distribution of the goodies of life or is it due to increase in our own threshold of satisfaction?
    Its DITTO for me too. :/

    Time machine eh ? Well. It would be the past for me, even though its old, decayed et al.
    AND I like the idea of this post ! We all are amused by the idea of time machines aint we ..

  5. It crosses my mind that civilization had taught men to be more civilized but it's not always the case. In the modern era, modern type of "uncivilised" practices still go on in every nook of the world. It's really saddening.

    Another issue is the disasters that have mercilessly taken a toll on mankind. Need to ponder whether it's the "unequal distribution of goodies of life" (quoting you) or not.

    Answering your question, I would prefer to travel to the future which I hope gives a much better and comfortable life by a thousand folds to everyone. Futuristic innovations would be able to combat diseases and hardships on men. Just a thought. :)

    P.S. To Muhammad Israar, it would be an honour indeed if you choose or relate any of my Haikus for any part of your posts! :P

  6. I agree with your view that violence and savagery in the present world is much less than the mind retreats into a word used by Wordsworth..."Savage torpor"...a prediction on the mental exhaustion which's going to grab this world due to the uprise in technology...we are "psychologically disconnected" in this digitally "connected world".

    The question on the time machine is difficult to makes me to contemplate on the matter more and thinking...;)

    Lets hope that
    "The mighty perish in their might;
    The slain survive the slayer."...(Your post reminded me of a poem by Aurobindo called "The Tiger and the Deer")

    A compassionate soul you are and thanks a lot for this compassionate post which can trigger compassion in people's mind! Keep it up Israr:-)

  7. It is said that today's world is civilised as compared to the old days but i see the morality is getting rapidly degenerated-- so where is the improvement then?
    The industrial revolution has messed up the environment followed by the abnormal rains and untimely growth from hormones to vegetables. Now the so called civilsed world is more ferocious and greedy than people of primitive age.
    Exploitation, extortion,misexploitation of natural resources through stealing from poorer countries by the powerful nations.
    Thousands of innocent people become simply collateral damage.
    So time machine is invented or not, it is irrelevant.
    Let's move on independent of any machine.

    ***Nice and thought provokin post.*****

  8. Almas realy thought provoking.... Keep sharing more ur feelings....:)

  9. It doesn't really matter if we travel to the future or the past. Life is the same always. The so called modern technologies make us addicted to them and in the name of increasing our standard of living, they actually make us work harder to attain the comforts.

    In a way, its fair. Its fair to all the people who have existed before, and all the people who will exist here afterwards as well.

  10. that episode was disgusting indeed - the police dogs attacking

    btw, good question, where would we like to travel to - future or past? the present in the world is so messed .


  11. @Aasiyah
    yup this is also one the reason which can make us stop thnking to go into the future. :)

  12. 2lady fiona
    yes i think the past was more peaceful than today as we can simply take an example of not using mobile phone in past people were breathing wel without it but these days it become a part of our body we are too much addicted to it that cant spent a single moment without using it.

    thanks alot for ur time on the blog :)
    keep visiting Misterio vida :)

  13. @shama
    thankz for liking the idea :)
    yes we are trying to make this machine as most of us need it badly :P

  14. Bravo almas... you have written it so beautifully....just loved it... i have never thought about time machine and hence i had no idea whether i want to travel back or forward....
    well personally i would like to travel back 6.5 years from today... will change something and then move back to the future :p

    VERY THOUGHT PROVOKING....keep writing for Misterio Vida.... :)

  15. @shama.... lolz muft me mujhe credit mil raha hai..i didnt write this post :P
    and now i will never invent this machine as you want to go back to your childhood then how will i find your blog? no fair :(

  16. I think i wud like to go to the future coz i m intrigued to knw what it wud b like.

  17. @crystal
    good to know that u feel the same yes its a question unanswered by us many of the time:(

    bundle of thnkzzz for liking the idea in the post :) m happy to know that my post was become a source of amusement for U :)

    keep visiting :)

  18. @balqis
    yup this is actually the gloomy side of present world in which technology is at the peak and still we are following rules of jungle.

    and yes even though of our technology we are unable to manage disaster occurring around us everyday and yes it z due to unequal distribution of goodies unfortunately.

    when i will invent a time machine definitely will send you to future so that u can enjoy more technology :D

  19. @nasnin nasser
    thnkz for liking the post :)
    we are hoping the same :)

  20. @tariq
    yup u are very much rite to some extent but i disagree with the immorality coz we ourself are responsible for it at our own level... we keep watching things going wrong but never come forward to make them correct... just taking example of kids at our own home we feel very proud when they use Facebook, mobiles without bothering what they are doing with it. environmental issue z the same the rusting of iron starts when it left without taking care... economical crises of our age is the Gift from our own elected people so we cant blame to others for it... this is age of literate but not educated 1. what we were being taught z just to books and exams only... 64 years of independence have been passed... but i think the early years were better than these days coz at that time their was zeal and enthusiasm in our people to develop a country.

    thnkzz aloot for liking the post.

  21. 2kiran
    thanks alot for liking my little effort :)

  22. @ES
    how can life be the same????
    their z a huge difference just think over it without considering technology. now how many kids do u find in a play ground ? addiction of anything z bad for a healthy body and a sound mind :)

  23. @sujatha
    yup the episode was and many like that are broadcasting with a new story each day.

    keep thinking hopefully u find an answer ........

  24. @israr
    thank you SO0000ooooOOO much for liking and appreciating the writing piece :)

    well m thinking to make it urgent for U than :P
    so that u can change what u like to do in past and come back :)

    again thankzz aloooot and i will try my level best to write for Misterio vida :)

  25. @ria
    i will accompanied u than cos i also want to c it :D

  26. mmmm good question ... i know that many a things in the present and certain predictable situations in the future are a tad too scary, but honestly id love to travel to the future , in whichever era they have flying cars... so that finally id b able to drive on a clear road ;P ..and past, then 18th century... phew love that era... :)

  27. very well written.
    But i'll say most of the people are not satisfied with their current life and always try to look for something else and i feel its a human tendency. I know there are a lot of people who really need improvement but not all.

    Well if given a change i'll love to travel to future.

  28. @Menachery
    yup the flying and cable cars i.e air traffic will be looking more fascinating than the road traffic i wish the same for driving on road :)

    18th century is the transition era of ancient converting to modern technology so this era was full of thoughtssss now which z reality :)

  29. @swati
    thankz alot for ur kind words :)
    yup majority of us want a narrow escape from the situation of present world so we wish that the situation must improve before we go to the future.

    exactly u r rite and unfortunately it z those "NOT ALL" are responsible for whats going on these daysss...

  30. What an interesting post!

    Well i wouldnt want to travel into the past.. What is done is done and i firmly believe that. Whether its good or bad, its over and i wouldn't want to go through it again..
    I am very tempted to choose to go to the future... but i'd rather stay in the present and see how everything turns out...

    I wouldnt want to rush my life forward!


  32. Oh I have never given a thought to it but I think I'll like to go in the past and enjoy my carefree childhood and the joys of a little girl.

    very nicely written.

  33. a very thought provoking post...

    i do not know which side of today would be better to go to..... the world has had problems from ever- maybe different, but present.
    so going back in time is not the real escape i guess.......

    i do not know!!!!

  34. the post makes me think ..! you have written it fantastically including all tiny details which enhance it
    for the question on past or future..!
    i would say that the more you think the more you seem to be perplexed..!
    no one imagined that apes could own a car ... today they we own jets and ships...!
    we have progressed in a lot of ways but we have also lost a lot of moral values...!
    but can we actually do something for it??
    we see
    we feel
    it comes
    it haunts
    the reality remains the same
    the same old story with the same old conclusion..! :)

  35. @Nisha
    life is interesting if we ignore the mistakes of others making aloooot of space in heart... which is not found these dayz unfortunately :(
    and KRISH is fiction i think no man can run faster than a train even after a thousands of year :P

  36. @Nisha
    yup childhood memories are the past of life i wish the same too :)

    thnkzz for liking !

  37. @Jalpari
    thnkz for liking the post !

    hmm this z what i want to know from U that which side of 2day u wish to go ....???? i had mention the problems of past and present and the same link will b in future... but which problems u think are bearable after all we can't escape this earth we need oxygen for which we have to face all problems unfortunately

    think over it m sure u will get an answer :)

  38. @Suvaiba
    yup i write it to touch the horizons of your thoughts thankz for your liking and time on our blog :)
    what a philosophical approach u have acquired very nicely said by U beautifully merge the past and present i like it :).

    keep visiting.........we need ur precious comments :)

  39. I think each age has its own challenges. We have an easier life today than 100. 500, or 1000 years in the past, but have different stresses. I am sure that life in the future will be 'easier' in some ways too, but again different stresses. I think if I could, I would travel back to the days of the 'Wild American West,' but just for a day or two. I would miss technology, indoor plumbing, electricity, the ease of food preparation, etc.

  40. Maria Almas ji,
    You have never visited my blog. Would you just give it a little try?

  41. @ Maria Almas

    Marvel read… I personally liked Times machines, worthwhile for dragging us to anywhere in future or past. I will definitely go for my past. Memories are most sweetest part of anyone’s life. Future comes up with agonies/troubles as in consequence of flourishing in human evolution.

    Better to have peaceful and loving life not to go far staying in agnatic world. Well, thanks to Misterio for devising a column depicting Top Commentators,

    Congrats and Celebrations to me “Atif Khattak” for standing at # 3 :)

  42. very interesting
    BUT.. its human nature ..we can never be satisfied matter what we achieve ...its inner peace you are talking about ..which is required and dat comes from ...satisfaction..which is through meditation ..and not many people go for it ...
    I had my grandma in US ..she had many hardships in her early age ..basic necessities were not easy ..she always said it a boon you are born in this era.. and thanks to God is inner peace..

  43. @Tariq Mian
    i have visited ur blog rite now its really an important topic u discussed at ur place.

  44. @Atif Khattak
    thanks for ur time on the blog !
    yes very true past memories are sweet but not for all may some people dont want to go back... but still childhood z always memorable ... the present is so horrible these days so we dont aspect future to b a peacful place for us... but a hope and wish may be the situation not remain the same

    and congrats to U for getting third position :)

  45. @Israr...

    Waow!!! me at the top in the list of commentator :)))))))

    now where z my reward of topper commentator ??? :P

  46. @Harman
    thanks alot for liking the post!
    yes ur grandma is absolutely rite about this era.
    actually the inner peace and harmony depends on the external environment so now its very difficult to get that peace unfortunately

    keep visiting :)

  47. @the girl at first avenue

    thanks for liking the post !

    hmm quite impressive u want to pass through the situation to c hows it turns over.

    best wishes for ur beautiful life :)

    keep visiting :)

  48. @Mary
    yup that is true that we will miss these facilities but all of these things still not enough to release the stresses and frustrationz... rather thy are to some extent responsible for it.

    hope and pray for the better present....

  49. the world has not changed much !!

    time machine not required.

  50. @Daanish

    yup not changed much in past we have smallpox, optimum rainfall but now we have HIV,floods....etc

    time machine is not the ultimate solution the solution is the change in our attitude towards life, things and people around us..........

  51. Very nice post Maria.

    If time machine was invented then i would like to go back to the past,the period of simplicity.
    No electricity as a result no loadshedding,no fear of the price of petroleum and important of all no terrorism.

  52. @Israr bro.

    I am in the top ten commentators.
    Will there be a prize for me??????

  53. @Basharat
    thanks aloot for liking the post. :)

    yes the best thing of past is it was free of fear when the life was simple and free of tensions.

  54. Wow, there's a lot of deep thoughts in this blog but I think I'll just focus on the question you ended the post with. I'd travel back in time if I could but what I'd do is something I won't be able to say cause Im not sure myself lol But on a light note, I'd love to see how they built the pyramids, the massive churches and travel back to when artists painted with wax and painted with fresco, though I do know contemporary artists do it today too, I'd just love to see it back then.

  55. I guess every age of time
    has positives as well as negatives.

    As future always fascinates... I'd travel to future !!

  56. @Atif...

    Awaam (Atif) k pur zor israr per...paish karte hai...commenters column :) you get the bronze :)

  57. @almas...

    yes you are the top commentator because it is a bribe for you to write more :P and so there is no reward...

    P.S. dont tell anyone :P

  58. @Basharat...

    dont worry...if we go by this pace, we would soon be in the stone age... thanks to our man at the top, we can enjoy the trip without the time machine being invented :P

  59. @Basharat...
    congrats for being in the top 10... i hope you will work hard to get into the top 3 :)

  60. If a time machine was invented I could burn it and throw in the universe. :)

    Technology has ruined few things a bit too much, time machine will only add to the woes. As far as reading is concerned, read cartoons why do you need to read news paper when you want to be happy?


  61. The theory is taking root, apparently, that the world is more civilised than it was and is becoming even more so. I don't know how you prove this one way or the other, but I would need a lot of convincing!

  62. It's really sad to see/hear these things happening ( referring to the white cops beating the black kid) People in this world claim that they are not racist but deep down almost everyone is, and i surely hope that people learn not be one (a racist, sexist etc) soon before its too late.
    And about the time machine.. I would love to go back to the Mogul era when kings ruled it was all every peaceful and beautiful but then again i don't know what i would do with modern day techs?

  63. Muhammad,

    Sorry if that post is against Pak but that was NOT the intent. I could not have written about LBS without mentioning Pak because he was PM for a very short time (around 1.5 years) and was the main highlight.

    Also we know history is not good but no harm in admitting.

    We need to make better future...that is important and I think both countries will do so.

  64. @suki pooki
    waow... what a beautiful reason for visiting the past i really like it, the construction of pyramids z really fascinating for me as well. i think we both should travel together for that Egyptian trip...and those wax based paintings too :)

    thanks for ur visit to our blog :)

  65. @Jyoti Mishra
    yup every age has its own charms and very obvious the hardships too... so as soon as we invent out time machine we will take u to the future hopefully 3011 ;P

    keep visiting :)

  66. @Israr

    well that's what i deserve too a TOP position ;)

    P.S for keeping it a secret i need more bribe ;P

  67. @chintan

    hmm by burning and throwing u can only add some pollution to the universe than :)

    well technology had its own benefits as well we cant not blame it as a whole as we are the minds behinds discoveries and their is always a solution to every problem it depends how we far as cartoons are concerned unfortunately they are not a source of happiness for me... i think the theory of happiness is not hidden behind a cartoon series... well cant say anything everyone has his/her own source of gaining happiness......

    keep visiting :)

  68. @Dave king
    yes i can convince you by just saying that please do visit a third world country if u get a chance or just browse it via your search engine may be that was enough to see how much technology and to which percent of people are availing it their.
    i hope than you can make yourself more clear :)

  69. @S.Mahnoor Shah
    yes you are cent percent rite deep down people were racists starting from the arabs, affricans, americans even indians too are racists and still they are they had their cast system even now the SHOODARS low cast hindus and the BIRHAMANS high cast hindus... i dont know why we had a hate for black skin may b its in our up bringing...unfortunately.

    mughal era was not that much peaceful but still it was good as compare to the present situation as at that time people can easily go to market without any fear of suicide attacks ... i think u didnt read our previous post related to mdern-techno mughal era i hope if that situation is present you will not be afraid of loosing this modern technology..have look to our previous post :)

  70. Hmmm.. This is a sad world we live in right now. Once, late in the night when I was flipping through the channels I chanced upon an English news channel. They were showing footage of a brother, leaning against a street lamp and wailing in a heart wrenching way. The ticker said that his he was in the car with his sister when she was shot dead. In front of his eyes. That image of him, alone, crying, as the media people and policemen were scurrying around the place.

    I would want to go way in to the past. During our last prophet's time. It would be an honor.

  71. @A...

    yes yes i understand he was in office for a very little time...what i meant to say was that since the quote was anti-pakistan so it was better not to comment or i would have commented anti-india and then the debate would never end :)

    cheers :)

  72. @Almas...

    you are the one who would be bribing to stay in the top 10 :P see how tough the competition is :)

  73. I do not think I would want to take a time machine into the future, Muhammad, based on the destruction we are perpetrating upon the environment in the current day. I think it would break my heart. As for going back, I can only say that the America my mother described just after the end of WWI seemed idyllic in many ways...not the least of which was the people truly did believe that the "War to End All Wars" was over and the future was bright. That naivete seems childlike to me and I cannot imagine the mindset of the population being that positive.

    I am linking to an article from my local newspaper that was printed on Sept. 7th about a lovely spontaneous occurrence that happened in August at a local restaurant. My mind returns to the scene it describes because it is such a hopeful story. It may bring you some smiles!
    Salem restaurant becomes scene of kindness

  74. @Lydia...

    the author of this post would kill me :) it was written by our other blog member, Maria Almas :)

    i visited the link you was quite a marvelous thing, i never heard of anything like that, infact i never imagined such a thing... see this little gestures, little bit of generosity, little bit of care towards our fellow humans can make a lot of difference...i wish i were there in the restaurant that day :)
    and 110 different folded egg concoctions!!! thats amazing... thanks for posting it :)

  75. @Zeba

    yes these are those few gifts of technology which makes life so dreadful as its a matter of few seconds to take a life. and this is the reason why this frustration is out their i had mention above in my post "unequal distribution of goodies plus human rights"

    yes it would be a great honor for a Muslim. i wish the same :)

    keep visiting :)

  76. @jyoti

    good plus full of excitement moving to next century so keep visiting Misterio Vida as the seats are limited for the adventure ;)

  77. @Israr

    i am the first follower, first contributor so i can bribe to b first commentator to keep my record ;P

  78. @Lidya

    thanks for ur visit at our blog :)

    the link you posted is really interesting :)

    keep visiting :)

  79. Why is Maria Almas being such a gracious host at your space? Also, why do I not get a reply from your highness? :-(

  80. @Zeba...

    lolz...because Maria Almas is a joint owner of the space :) see there are 3 contributors and i am just one of them :) and this post was by her so she has to reply :) any how i thank you for liking and noticing me not replying to your comments :)

  81. definitely to the last day of my life. that would be comforting. ill seek forgiveness from allah and its creatures and await my death. i can't wait for this world to be over. and insha'Allah go to jannat.

  82. @ the butterfly effect

    very nice thought i really appreciate it.
    may ALLAH forgive us all and place us in jannat.
    ameen !!!

  83. Your posts are truely thought provoking one. Keep sharing such things:)

  84. thank you :)
    yes i will try :)
    keep visiting :)



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