Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Criminal Genes and the Human Genome

In the movie, Minority Report, the PreCrime Police prevent crimes and arrest people before they commit the crime. It sounds incredible and almost impossible that it would ever happen in the real world. But rethink. It is very much possible and may be put into routine use in the very near future albeit the technology to prevent crime will be entirely different from that of the movie, which relied upon the knowledge of psychics. In real world, we will be using our very own DNA as the basis for all this process.

This article was written for the science and technology weekly, Technology Times. The full article can be accessed here


  1. We wish it possible! Sounds crazily amazing.

  2. you are a forensic scientist in making, kuch karo na criminals ke liye. ;-p

    good read.

  3. That wud be so amazing...interesting thought there.

  4. maza na ajae agar aisa ho tou? in our country we could prevent terrorist attacts before everythings ruined. i wich technology takes us there, someday!!

  5. you are one genius man! research work :D and all that jazz....

  6. It's good to know what you wrote. Gain so much from it. And able to see you! :)

  7. I am so amazed that I can't put it to words. Or notice the clumsy way in which the previous statement is framed. Sigh. And I just realized that you aren't the only one posting here. Hmm.. Interesting. :-)

  8. It's called Fringe science I believe? fascinating:0

  9. Credit goes to "Human Genome Sciences' and the study of genes for solving the unsolved mysteries especially with regard to unprovable crimminal activity.
    I would call it a major breakthrough.
    Thanks for sharing with us such a valuable info.

  10. Hello Israr.
    I am in no way science-minded, but I read your full article in Technology Times. Even in today's standards, DNA technology has come a long way since it was first introduced back in the eighties.

    Fascinating information.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend & for the warm wishes. Much appreciated.

    Your Song Of Love

  11. you know what Israr..if it were possible na tou may ubi jail may behti hoti un sub Dakeetyoon kay lie jo may ny ubi plan bhi nai kein thein!!! hehehehe I have such a Criminal Mind..thaknz Lord this idea is restricted movies yet;p

  12. salam & hi

    just sorry, i personally don't believe inherited genes translate into 100% behavior. a person can also be conditioned by his environment.

    & the keyword is tendencies = probability. the probability of you getting cancer could be virtually zero, but if it happens it happens. sorry again! :)

  13. wowwwwwwwww man,,,,, now u got rhythm.... its nice one for such magazines,,,,, even I guess Dawn Scitech will also happy to publish this blog,,,,,,,, just try it,,,,,,, and I am happy this seems very interesting by the idea of searching for aggressive genes,,,,,,, might be it can help somebody design a project,,,,,,:) u know whom I mean,,,,:) dont even think about VK students.....:) all the best dude.... and keep it up

  14. Dear Israr,

    This is an absolutely *Fascinating* article and SO well written! I am a believer in DNA being responsible for facets of who we are or will become, although it is not always the case :) Congrats on the publication of your writing! :)

    P.S. ~ Who is the handsome man in the photo? :P How lovely to see your face! :)

  15. Absolutely, its a great thought! However, with the technology people would be able to do so much more. Such high chances of has potential, but such things also make me vary of future. Things could be so 'managed' in future...

  16. Fascinating stuff .Very impressive .Muhammad i will be away for few weeks from my city and also from blogger.

  17. I've seen the movie... the concept is great and the way u summed it up, its practical approach n all.

    But like Siddhartha said, we need to make sure too that its not being misused, else it will b a catastrophe

  18. @Crystal...
    well who knows? as they say..there is very little difference between science and magic :) so lets see when it can become reality :)

  19. @anonymous...

    you mean to help criminals? :P thanks for considering me as a forensic scientist...nobody thought of it :P

  20. @Ria...

    yes i think it should be very interesting if we ever reach there...thanks for liking :)

  21. @MAHNOOR...

    well...yes i think it will be a mazedaar thing if we can have the technology to catch those terrorist before they could do anything... hope we get there sooner as we need it the most :)

  22. @Chintan...

    ah...thank you so much ... i am glad you liked my writings :)

  23. @Balqis...

    I am glad that you gain something from reading my writings...
    could not help it as the picture is hosted on the website of the magazine so couldnt hide it :P

  24. @Zeba... happens... i am glad you liked the post... and yes we are 3 people contributing to the blog as i think one person is just not enough to do it :)

  25. @PeeVee...

    yes i think its the exact term for this...fringe science..but hope it will be mainstream sooner :)

    and you changed your nick so couldnt recognize you at first :)

  26. @Tariq Mian...

    yes sure the credit goes to "Human Genome Sciences' because it is only after that project that we begin to understand our inner selves...
    it is helping us a lot in so many different areas and some day there would be no concept of x-files as DNA will be solving all the crimes...
    thanks for reading and liking..i am glad it added to your info :)

  27. @Andy...

    you may not be a science man but sure you are an artist with deeper thoughts for things... i am glad you read the whole article...i just posted the first para and thought that if somebody get interested he/she can read the whole article, otherwise one can always find more interesting things to read..i am glad you read it :) much appreciated...

  28. @Mishi...

    you are not in jail because you only think of these things but you are not capable of doing any of these because may be you dont have the genes :) so dont worry if the technology is here you will not be in prison as you lack the chill...sochne p koi pabandi nahi hai :P

  29. @רעיה
    w. salam

    hey..its perfectly okay if you dont agree or believe in certain things... this is how science is... different people having different opinions..then at some point of time something is proved and the remaining is disproved...
    thanks for taking the time to read :)

  30. @adian...

    thanks man... yes i think i got the rhythm :P
    lets see what the Dawn people say... hope someday...

    hahaha.... yes who knows who will benefit from the idea and design project :P

    you have already read the article when it was first published..but still your comment means a lot here...thanks dude :) stay blessed ...

  31. @Lady Fiona...

    thank you so much for rating it as a fascinating article :)

    only time will tell what the DNA holds for us and how much freedom we have of our own...i think it will be sooner than we think...
    Thanks for your wishes...

    P.S. the handsome man is the writer of that post:P hahaha...i couldnt remove the pic as it was hosted on their website :P

    i am no match for Shrek but thanks for appreciating me :P

  32. @Siddharta Joshi...

    yes as i mentioned in the article, there are certain negative aspects...but this is how it is... no matter we like it or not but it will come so its upon us to decide we want to use it negatively or positively...hope its put into better use for humans :)

  33. @kavita...
    thanks for reading and liking :)

    why away for so long? :( you will be missed..i hope you would post something about your absence and all those pics and stories about the new places you visit :) stay safe and enjoy your time :)

  34. @Jyoti Mishra...

    I am glad you have seen the movie as it better explain the things even though based on a different technology :)

    yes i agree with can be used in so many ways..and thats what i have mentioned in the article :)

  35. I wanted to read your post when the mind is completely ready since what I am going to grasp is a scientific stuff! It was really interesting and fascinating and you are brilliant man!

    Congrats for the publication and wishes for your explorations:-)

    Damn impressive!

  36. Israr wonderful job !!!
    many many congratulations on the publishing of the article in technology times :)

    as always very informative, unique and creative piece of writing by U i like the concept i wish in future some easy, less time consuming and economical methods should be developed to use the information encoded in the genome of human.

    keep writing and sharing ur xtra-ordinary informative views:)

    best wishes :)

  37. wow
    that sounds incredible..! :) and once agn ek mashaallah typs post..! :D ab zada blush mat karna..!
    and yes plz write an article on CRUSH soon... i am so anxious...! :)) : P

  38. Sometimes I get quite amazed when I sit and think of the possibilities that science is taking us towards. But we must also be careful not extrapolate from the general to the particular. Surely the mere fact that a person has the genes doesn't mean that they are certan to develop in that way - they do have some free will. Or did I misunderstand?

  39. @Nasnin...

    Yes surely one should read when one is at peace and fresh mind... to grasp the whole idea...

    Thank you very much for appreciating my writings and i am glad you grasp something from it :)

    and thanks for your wishes :)

  40. @almas...

    Thank you so much for wishing me and congratulating :)

    yes sure, technology is advancing at a rapid pace and i hope someday we will get there :)

    keep reading my writings and keep posting your own too :)

  41. @Suvaiba...

    thank you so much for appreciating it :) *blush* :P

    yes sure i will post it soon... just ranking :P

  42. @Jenny woolf...

    yes and technology are amazing things and can do wonders...yes you are should be careful in applying the technology as it can have both positive and negative applications...

    yes that is the main concept right now that environment and upbringing play a significant role in our behaviours...but who in the future we may end up finding something i was talking about the possibility in the near future :)

    thanks for reading and writing the post :)

  43. Wish something like this does happen :)

    At least the world will then be a little safer place to be in :)

    Thank you for your comment and for following.
    Do come by again :)

    Take Care =D

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. wow< i did not know we have people in pakistan related to forensic science . would love it if you make a post related to you work with respect to your daily life so i can use it as an inspiration:)

  46. What an interesting article. And an example of ow sometimes ethical rules lag behind scientific advances and have to catch up.

  47. Very interesting article I like the idea that crimanals would be referred to medical centres instead of prison and infants can be helped. I think that picking up people on base of their genes as in the movie is a bit far fetched

  48. Haaaaaayyee easa ho jae tu Ishq na aajae :D
    Beautifully written .

  49. Just how on earth can u get so intelligent?
    anyways thank you so much for dropping by my blog.

  50. Hmm realy intrsting info Israr.... Hope this techology will not be used against targtd peopl or nations for prsnl intrsts of dvlpd nations.... It should must be used for the bettermint of mankind....:) Hmm realy intrsting info Israr.... Hope this techology will not be used against targtd peopl or nations for prsnl intrsts of dvlpd nations.... It should must be used for the bettermint of mankind....:)

  51. Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog...
    Its nice to hear from you :)
    Hope to see you around...
    Became your follower ;)

  52. I think I'm keeping an open mind on this one.

  53. I get to hear all such stuffs from my bro who has done his masters in biotech!
    Had I not been a part of medicine, would have definitely been into research...its not just interesting but also broadens ones views on varied perspectives. will read this one for sure :D


  54. the topic s adorable indeed...

  55. Fascinating article! I see that you are a researcher in science..Are you into Forensics?

  56. @Latha...
    thank you for reading and liking :)

  57. @Philo...

    lets hope it happen sooner, and yes we hope the world would be a little safer if the technology used wisely :)

    thanks for reading and liking :)

  58. @aaleen ....

    well...there are great great scientists who are experts in the field of forensics...but i am just a student...learning the basics of it...
    so my story wouldnt be that much inspiring...i hope i will write about some scientist :)

  59. @Secret agent...

    yes very right... ethical guidelines always lag behind the scientific advances..lets hope some day we achieve a balance :)

  60. @Marja...

    yes lets hope one day the world would be free of all the evils and criminals...thats what the Scriptures say... and there has to be a way to achieve that :)

  61. @aman...

    come one...criminals se ishq? hadd hai... hahaha... thanks for reading and liking :)

  62. @Sanaxx...

    hahahaha... come are so generous :) thanks for liking and appreciating me :)

  63. @ Israr buddy !!!

    Another master piece of words! I am pleased to know that you reached the Technology Times. You are supposed to write innovatively for Spider as you are sound and capable for writing PCs as well :P Can get wealthy repute I believe..

    Do try to write new and modern knowledge regarding Genome and DNA. You can deem me as a scientist because I spent lot of time with Scientists of CEMB along with my article-ship at Ernst & Young :))

    Profound regards man :)

  64. @Kiranshah...

    thanks kiran for reading and liking :)
    yes lets hope the technology is used only for the benefit of humans around the world :)

  65. @madhulika...

    thanks for dropping by :) and thanks for following :)

  66. @Dave king...

    yes sure you can :)

  67. @Subtlescribbler...

    hmmm...yes this thing is related to biotech as i have done biotech myself...graduation...
    and had we been selected into medical schools we wouldnt have been into research :)

    i appreciate your time reading this one :)

  68. @Nisha...

    thanks for liking and reading :)

  69. @The girl at first avenue...

    thanks for appreciating... yes i am a student of forensic science :)

  70. @Atif...

    dear buddy thank you so much for appreciating... i am just a student and learning and i am glad you people read and understand what i write :)

    sure i try to write wherever i can except the sensationalist newspapers who wouldnt publish anything positive :)

    and yes it was your bad luck that at that time you were not a graduate or else you could have claimed your ph.d from CEMB as you were part of the family :)

    thanks for visiting and have a nice time :)

  71. Nice post bro

    I watched the movie.It was awesome.
    Hoping for constructive use of this technology for peace.

  72. sorry bro
    I posted the last comment.
    I was in hurry and forgot to sign in.

  73. @Anonymous...

    thanks bro.. yes lets hope that technology is used for some constructive use :)

  74. @Basharat...

    its okay man :) got it...

  75. Thanks for your comment Muhammad~ =D

  76. An excellent article Mohammed, but nevertheless something that puts the wind up me.

    We all are born basically flawed as there is no such thing as a perfect human being and this is the rich tapestry of life. We are individuals and should remain so. Who is to say that in years to come the powers that be decide that some perfectly harmless trait has to be deleted from the gene pool and that all who suffer from some physical ‘flaw’ should suffer the same fate?

    “The ethical and socio-legal implications of using this technology are immense. The foremost objection is the threat to privacy. Another important and valid objection is the misuse of this technology. Eugenics practice to threaten the lives of individuals with certain genetic makeup is another issue needed to be considered. But for the benefit of the affected individuals; the accused, the victim and the society in general, it must be utilized to its fullest. After all, the safety of the society is more important than the privacy of a few individuals.”

    I would disagree with your (?)assertion “That for the benefit of society … it must be utilized to its fullest” for this is where we enter the very dark world of eugenics and history would show that this brings out the worst in mankind and is totally destructive - no ifs or buts.

    So, in our efforts to preserve what we consider the best (and the only acceptable in humanity?) and root out the bad, we then become what we supposedly despise?

    Anna :o]

    PS Many thanks for 'visiting' me for now I have found your wonderful and thought provoking blog.

  77. @HperCRYPTICal....

    thanks for reading the article in detail and commenting...yes you are right.. we are individuals and we should remain so... but as technology advances, there are certain implications and certain hard decisions which the humans make... whether we like it or not, once it is here, it will be applied... like nobody wanted to annihilate whole cities using atomic bombs but when the technology arrived, it was used... the only thing that will save us from technology is our collective will to use it only for the benefit of the whole world... ..

    and thanks again for your thought provoking and very valid objections and apprehensions about the use of this technology... :)

  78. bachpan main dekhi thi minority reort.... it was a real nice movie...

  79. I read your article and felt my brain sparking, even if I do not understand it all. There is so much to know about and give consideration to these days. It is one of our duties as human beings to do our best in that regard.

    I posted your article just now on my Facebook page, Muhammad, and will let you know if I receive any comments.

  80. (I was reading your blog and article about the same time you left your comment. I have been catching up on reading many blogs since yesterday...sorry to be behind!)

  81. @the butterfly effect...

    me ne bh bachpan me hi dekhi thi :P

  82. @Lydia...

    ah..yes it was a bit scientific and biological so no surprise if you didn't understand it but thanks that you still try to read and understand it :)

    that is so nice of you that you posted it on your Facebook..yes sure i would like to know if anyone comments there and what they have to say about it :)
    i didnt know you were on Facebook :)

  83. @Lydia...

    ah...i didnt know that you were reading at the same time as i was reading yours :) what a coincidence...yes when one follows a lot of blogs, it takes time to catch up after staying away from blogger :)

  84. u've written about the unimaginable! bapre! is it really possible!! good post Israr

  85. @Sujatha...

    yes it seems unimaginable but who knows about the future :)

    thanks for liking :)



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