Friday, November 04, 2011

A Tale of Two Friends

Once upon a time Truth and Falsehood met each other on the road. “Good afternoon”, said Truth “Good afternoon”, returned Falsehood. “And how are you doing these days?” asked Falsehood. “Not very well at all, I ‘m afraid”, sighed Truth, “Times are tough for a fellow like me, you know”. “Yes I can see that”, said Falsehood glancing up and down at Truth ragged clothes, “You look like you haven’t had a bite to eat in quite some time.”

“To be honest, I haven’t,” admitted Truth. “No one seems to want to employ me now-a-days. Whenever I go, most of people ignore me or mock me. It’s getting discouraging. I can’t tell you I‘m beginning to ask myself why I put up with it”. “And why the devil do you? Come with me, and I‘ll show you how to get along. There’s no reason in the world why you can’t stuff yourself with as much as you want to eat, like me, and dress in the finest clothes, like me. But you must promise not to say a word against me while we’re together.”

So, Truth promised and agreed to go along with Falsehood for while, not because he liked his company so much, but because he was so hungry and would faint soon if he didn’t get something into his stomach. They walked down the road until they came to a city, and Falsehood at once led the way to the very best table at the very best restaurant.

“Waiter, bring us your choicest meat and your sweetest sweet dish”, he ordered. They ate drank all afternoon.  At last, when they could hold no more, Falsehood began banging his fist on the table and calling for the manager who came running at once.

“What the devil kind of place is this”, Falsehood snapped, “I gave the waiter a gold piece nearly an hour ago, and he still hasn’t brought our change.” The manager summoned the waiter, who said he’d never ever seen a penny out of the gentleman.

“What?” Falsehood shouted, so that everyone in the place turned and looked. “I can’t believe this place! Innocent, law-abiding citizens come into eat, and you rob them of their hard-earned money! You’re pack of thieves and lairs! You may have fooled me once, you‘ll never see me again! Here!” He threw a gold piece at the manager, “Now this time bring my change!”

But the manager, fearing his restaurant’s reputation would suffer, refused to take the gold piece, and instead bring Falsehood change for the first gold piece he claimed to have spent. Then he took the waiter aside and called him a scoundrel, as the waiter protest that he’d never collected a cent from the man, the manger refused to believe him.

“Oh Truth, where have you been hiding yourself?” the waiter sighed. “Have you now deserted even us, hard working souls?”

“No, I’m here,” Truth groaned to himself, “but my judgment gave way to my hungers, and now I can’t speak up any word without breaking my promise to Falsehood.”

As soon as they were on the street, Falsehood gave a hearty laugh and slapped Truth on the back. “You see how the world works?” he cried.

“I managed it all quiet well, don’t you think?” But Truth slipped from his side as he was deeply embarrassed by himself of what he had done due to his hunger. “I rather starve than alive as you do”, he said.
And that day Truth and Falsehood went their separate ways, and never travelled together again.

P.S. But Truth has lost his way after that day and I think it has died in some disaster may be floods, rains, tsunami, cyclone, hurricane  or may be somewhere inside us. Lets hope that we find Truth on this Eid day. Happy Eid to all of you in advance.


  1. - in the end its truth that always wins. :-)

  2. For 64 years, Pakistan has been suffering at the hands of falsehood, because the truth was kept buried down deep.
    Finally, the falsehood is exposed, and the naive people are politically awake now; thus truth is emerging to take over--replacing "NRO infected FALSEHOOD" soon.
    Hopefully, TRUTH will bring truthful leadership soon.

  3. Maria Almas, visit my recent post and try to join the page too.

  4. A very creative and enjoyable read, Alma! So nice to see you writing again :) This reminds me of a TRUTH word poem that I wrote ~ I may post it soon, especially after reading this :)

  5. A meaningful message and well suited for the Day! Loved the metaphors so wisely employed..
    Eid Mubarak Ho!

  6. Truth and Falsehood....very nice write up, keep it up!!
    A silent message... *thumbs up*

  7. There are always two sides to any coin. IT IS better to die truthfully and with honor instead of living like falsehood. One mostly gets to learn this simple thing, the hard way.

  8. hey,
    you'r writing style is so much refined you almost feel like that you are reading this story from some prescribed short story book.
    yes indeed truth has disappeared but not in any natural but man made disasters
    its just a little thing called as REALIZATION and this can change the world.
    FALSEHOOD remains powerful but more than that it varies. but HONESTY remains consistent.

    i really liked the story.!

  9. Excellently written.Lovely story..Intense! :)

    Truth is inevitable..sooner or later it knocks down falsehood.

    Eid Mubarak. :)

  10. Truth always prevails?
    Well Eid Mubarak to you and your family in advance!! :)

  11. A very nicely written story. Truth will always win over false actions.

    Happy Eid to you, too. :)

  12. So well put! I do hope Truth comes back with full vigor. Happy Eid to you!:)

  13. Inspiring write. Hopefully truth will always find a way.

    Anna :o]

  14. Very well written...loved the way u hav narrated the whole post.

  15. very nice Almas!

    Thnx and Eid Mubarak to you and to your whole family.

  16. Maria u shared a bitter reality in this artcl......... yup falsehood is going to rule over..... bt truth will get its place in the long run......... nothing can finish it...........we l keep it alive Inshalla........ happy Eid greetings...

  17. search for the truth!
    nice thought on an auspicious occasion like Eid

    hope you had a great celebration & hope truth prevails

  18. truth can never be lost. Sometimes its just going through a bad phase but as ur story tell it will never again accompany falsehood so it just hides behind the bushes or curtains and waits for us to find it and support it :)

    lovely work!


  19. wow this tale was awesome !!
    Loved it :)

  20. I completely agree with suvaiba. Your writing has so much improved and now you seem to be an accomplished writer. I really liked this and i think it is the best of your writings. Truth will be the ultimate victor and will prevail even though falsehood has the upper hand right now. Have a happy eid

  21. @anonymous
    yes u r absolutely rite :)

  22. @Tariq Mian
    yes this whole corupted system is due to falsehood and all these leadrz r due the suport of ths falsehood. I waish and pray the truth soon replace these fake people.
    Thankz 4 ur precious cment.
    Keep visiting.
    And i hv vistd ur place and joind it too thr :)

  23. @lady fiona
    thanku so vry much for ur kind words and apreciation and for ur time at my post.
    And i will wait to read that poem at ur place so post it soon :)
    keep visiting we need ur precious coments :)

  24. @pygmalion
    thanku 4 liking the litle effort and apreciation :)
    kher Mubarak Ho !
    Keep visiting our place and honoured us with ur precious comentz. :)

  25. @shama
    thanku so much for liking and apreciating. :)

  26. I like this :)
    Hope you had a wonderful eid!

  27. @Suvaiba
    bundle of thankz for ur liking and apreciation :)
    actualy i wrote ths story when i was in school for a cmptetion and the title was just truth and falsehood that time i didnt got any position coz thr were more refind material present. Few weeks back i got my dairy and decide to post it over here though its a childish work bt i am happy u like it.yes i agree with ur thought relatd to the falsehood and truth.
    Keep visiting we need ur precious cmentz :)

  28. @Sunakshi
    thanku very much for ur time at our place and for ur apreciation. :)
    yes u r cent percent rite :)
    keep visiting we need ur apreciation :)

  29. @S.mahoor shah.
    Yes truth always prevail and its always victorious.
    Thankz :)

  30. @Balqis
    thanku so very much for liking. :)
    vry precisely said by U .
    Keep visiting :)

  31. @the butterfly effect
    bundle of thankz for the compliment :)

  32. @PeeVee
    thanku for liking. :)
    i do hope too.
    Keep visiting :)

  33. @Anna
    thanku dear for liking.:)
    hoping truth finds its way soon to make livez easier on the face of earth.

  34. @Ria
    thanku so much for liking and apreciating. Its realy motivates me alot. :)
    keep visiting we need ur precious comentz :)

  35. @Basharat Ali
    thanku so much for liking and wishes. :)

  36. @kiran shah
    thanku for liking the litle efort :)
    yes u r rite. And we will keep it alive INSHA ALLAH.

  37. @Sujatha Sathya
    thanku so much for ur apreciations :)
    yes truth always prevails. we had a wondrful celebration on ths ocasion thanku again :).

  38. @Sarah
    thanku dear for liking my work :)
    yes it never lost its just hide bt we have to find it by ourselvz at the rite time and the rite place to.
    Keep visiting :)

  39. @Jyoti Mishra
    thanku so much for liking and apreciating :)

  40. @Israr
    thanku soo much for liking and ur apreciating wordz :)
    yes truth always prevails and victorious becoz falsehood dnt hav feets.
    I Thank u again for grading it my best writing piece. :)

  41. I left a gift for you at my latest post :)

  42. @Serendipty
    thanku for the gift i realy enjoyd the songz :)


    I meant this :-)

  44. You weave such wonderful tales, Muhammad, and they always have a deeper meaning than simple entertainment. This one is the sad case of the whole world, it seems. We the people must continue to hold those in power accountable for their words and actions. And for one another we must especially strive to be truthful, as it is a gift we can give.

  45. wow!!! this is simply fantastic..!!!!

    i also like the way "Truth" wasnt shown victorious at the end.....
    the victory of good is certain.... but it's never a quick victory....


  46. beautiful writing. great message in it. keep it up ya akhi :)

  47. @Lidya
    thanku for your time at our place !
    yes u r absolutely rite :)

  48. @jalpari
    thanku so much for liking it :)
    yes the victory of truth is always there though it sometimes late so spirits must be high :)

  49. thnku sooo much inspector saahab for your appreciations :)



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