Monday, October 10, 2011

The Way You Make Me Feel

So this was it. The moment of break up. Between me and her. Those of you who are or have been in some kind of relationship in your lives will know what it feels like. If I say it hurts, it will be an understatement. The heartache, the emptiness, the rage. It is like a complete black out in one’s life. In fact, it is like you no more want her to be alive. And I am sure she will be feeling the same but since she does not have a blog so we will never know. So the moment arrived for us after what I feel like decades of relationship.

Like many people going along the life's way, we both were in a kind of a relationship. I know I am not good at embodying emotions and scribbling of my thoughts with ink on a canvas. And I don’t know what that relationship can be called. If I were as eloquent in prose as a Mishi or a Zeba, I would have put it into a random classic. But all I can say is it was very deep. We used to see each other on daily basis. Sundays or weekdays, rainy or sunny days, there was almost no holiday for us, except when I would go to home in vacations. It was like when I would enter the room I would find her like waiting for me. We never had conversations. But sometimes silence is louder than words. She understood the unsaid words that I wanted to say and I think I understood her expressive silence

After a long time when I came back, she was still there. But there was a lot of change. She was a lot fairer in complexion since the time I left her. I would never know if it was due to Fair & Lovely or did she go to the First Avenue? And then she was a bit grown. I thought it is because of meeting her after a long time so she seems to have changed. And who knows if she was thinking the same about me? I couldn't believe. How can one change so much in such a little time? All seemed so hypercryptical. Perhaps I should have sent her picture to Lydia as a postcard and she would have explained it like her old postcards, but unfortunately I couldn't. One day, I was asleep when something awoke me. As Hanna Bint Alvi puts it:

Soft touch of your fingers

Dancing on my body,

Making ripples in my heart…

Afraid, I left the bed and slept on the floor that night with my eyes half opened. And she haunted my thoughts even in the stillness of dawn.

On another occasion, I was lying on my bed and she was there, in front of me, staring, with eyes about which Lady Fiona would have written something, but I can just say her eyes were mesmerizing, like pearls in the darkness. Probably she wanted to tell me something. Or maybe beneath the butterfly effect, she was asking something. I never knew. I was afraid to ask. I tried different things. Balqis would have described that in her haiku:

Late at night, alone
Inspirations poke at me
Ideas shuffling

But she was unmoved. My condition was like a hopelessly cluttered soul. Probably she was not in a mood for my little chit chat. Had I been as suave as  Dave King in poetry, I would have tried some more romance and poetry but alas, I am not. If I were an Almas, I would have tried a sonnet. I am but a poor student and that too of science, devoid of any literary sense and humour, with a total repertoire of 300-odd words in my armoury most of which are in languages that are more related to ancient Hebrew than to modern English. And to make the matters worse, I had never been in a situation like this before. Hence, I knew I would make a complete mess of it. I gave up my random scribblings.

That was only after a friend of mine told me things about her which I never knew before. She was dangerous and mean and can harm me. I did not believe him so I checked it out on the Internet and unfortunately everything about her was there, true. Now that it is crystal clear to me that her raison d'etre is no more, what are my options? I think the least I can do is to kick her out of my life. Or may be with a little courage I can kill her? Even that is difficult for me. So I think I should probably kick her out of my room. You may think that I have a stone heart, but you can make an exception right? And while thinking about my options and writing, she is still there on the ceiling just above my bed listening to some exciting songs that I play and staring at me. Probably she knows what I am thinking. Her escapade is over. For too long I have been tolerating her teen tantrums. Lets hope she gets the signal and leave me after remaining part of my lifestyle for so long. She is the Geckho, my room lizard.

P.S. Gecko is the favourite of Fatima and she intends to have it as a pet. So sorry if i hurt your feelings, Fatima! Yeh Life hai...Take it lightly :P

P.P.S. I follow a lot of blogs and have learned a lot of things from you people. And there are many readers, who follow my blog, and your support and comments keep my blog going. I apologize to those of you whom links i couldn't accommodate in this post. But you are as important as the ones I included here. I will link the rest of the bloggers in some other post. Thank you for your continued support.

(This was written for a writing competition on a website suggested to me by Shama. But after writing, when I read the conditions, I felt it was not fit for the competition so I just posted it here) 


  1. -- oooh be careful, she keeps staring at poor soul alone in your hostel room with her.

  2. - and how are you sure that is a can be a HE too..and if so...beeeeeeeee careful man. ;-p

  3. lolz really interesting.. sorry to poor gecko...:-D

  4. First paragraph, I thought OMG! Another set of broken hearts. But then I could see links to so many blogs that I knew it was a piece of fiction.

    But, no one can take away credit from you for writing a wonderful story.

  5. wel i thot frm strt it isn wat it seems. bt chipkali????????
    yuck yuck yuckkk!
    uve grossed me out sooo totally nw!
    n dats y readin ur post jus b4 i crash has bn such a fabulous idea.
    so nw wen a polythene cover rustles wid d fan breeze ill dart up frm bed n strt screaminggg like a traumatised person.
    did i say thnk u? :P

  6. hahahahahahahaha

    Oh come on Israr..and you say you are not eloquent In prose! that was Hilarious! Loved every word of it..and I must say..your sense of humor is IMPROVING;P any special reasons?:p

  7. I think this was a cute story and the cliff hanger was great. Pets can make you get attached to you. Like it or not, once you have a pet, there is no coming back without a hurt.

  8. Ohh, Israr! You put the heart'bait' out there for me and I fell for it, hook, line and sinker!!! :D

    The title made me think of Michael Jackson's song :p and then my mind quickly shifted gears as I read the first lines . . . " WoW! Israr is baring his heart and soul to us and who is this woman who broke his heart? " :(

    You still had me going until I started to see some familiar links :p and then to my sweet surprise, you included moi in this brilliant story, in a very clever way 8-) Thank you so much!

    You have such a wonderful sense of humour and writing style. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and I hope it receives as many comments as New Anarkali :)

    Now I'm off to do some 'fishing' of my own since you provided ample 'bait' of some outstanding blog authors I have yet to discover ~ thanks! :)

    Have a great week, my friend :)
    Princess Fiona :p

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  10. OMG, you made me read it all, and--

    Nice sense of humour.
    You are a good writer Israr.

  11. I was about to say, 'Inquilab zindabad', 'Freedom at last' and other such liberation oriented tag lines, but man - you did upset me!

    Lizards are the most clever creatures (of their size) - They understand and move along with human beings incredibly easily. I love their contribution to our houses by eating small insects. Lizards are too sweet to harm us.

  12. Oh wonderfully written, and so clever to weave so many through it ... brilliant! :o)

  13. Omg!! Never expected what i wud get to read in the end...too good.

  14. Israr I realy appreciate ur powr of imgnation... How beautifuly u expressd ur deep feelings 4 a beautiful n loving creature:-P. U should tack cr of her bcz she has an inocent heart that is fild with pure love 4 u....:) bt keep a distence as well bcz nfrat brbad kre na kre mhbt zror kr deti he....:-P

  15. Initially i felt its gonna be an emotional post.. the first few lines were kind of sentimental... However... i don't really know i ended up smiling after reading this as a whole ;)
    Nice read anyways :)

  16. Wao u r lucky, u have such a good cmpny to kil ur sadnes n boriat in hstl... How r u feeling to b in love with her:-P how u know that it is she,not he....:) ?

  17. Shame you could not submit it as intended, but their loss, our gain. A superb write.

  18. It really make me smile... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  19. That was quite a tribute to the bloggers you mentioned! And excuse me, poor science student? Achhe achhe aapke samne paani bharte hain :D

    I do not know the haiku bit, I need to google..

    The Blunt Blog

  20. What can I say Israr..I traveled through a lot many "Understanding and misunderstandings" while I moved from para to was a tricky play of feelings...first I thought..."oops...there it is a broken heart!"....then when I moved a little forward...the "links" whispered to me that " must be a skilfully blended fiction!"...and then again I plunged into the "personal tag"...and finally I ended in a big surprise laugh! A lizard!!!...I untied my emotions so curiously by a lizard! Well that's the power of imagination and creativity! You are too mischievous dear...awesomely artistically mischievous! Enjoyed like hell! Hilarious and touchy indeed by the chaining of all the bloggers! I am happy to be part of it i here:-)

  21. hahaha....... it was really AWSOME BLOSSOM creative writing piece beautifully ending emotional lines with a lizard ... i really like it and enjoyed every part ...keep it up !

    it reminds me the time when i was a little child really scared of this creature coz once i was told by my teacher that don't touch them these were dinosaurs in old age and if u touch them they become large and eat you up and this story ends in my graduation when i have to study zoology and i had done dozens of dissection of this innocent creature :P so i am no more scare of it i still had my zoology dissection boxes and still love to do dissections so plzz don't kick it out of your room better send her to my address for taking a better revenge from her :P :D

    keep writing and sharing your humorous and unique thoughts :)

    best wishes :)

  22. hahhahahaaha great piece israr:)
    really loved it..
    u really dint gave a clue.. so well written.. great blend of bits and pieces .. i struggled till the end to guess:)

  23. Hehehe...Israar, I was beginning to think of a heart broken into many tiny pieces by a once loved one!! I couldn't wait to read till the end and what??? You surprised me with your gecko!! LOL! It's ok to kick it out of your room but not out of your life!! Very humorous and brilliant! :)

    Thank you so much for mentioning my simple Haiku, I'm honored! :)

  24. Laughing...Israr, I guess the jokes are on us!
    This is a magnificent piece of humor. You certainly got me sucked in. We'll make a poet of you yet! (lol)

    Very impressive and a lovely way to plug some fine blogs. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing & your most gracious comments on my latest post.

    Woman As My Friend And Lover

  25. LOL..Interesting piece of writing .I really liked the way you inscribed different blog writers in it tooo..
    But a very well-done post!

  26. DARN are you serious, how could you? :O
    This my friend is a masterpiece. And someone said they had no literary skills. *face palm*

  27. And we have so many mutual frands :D Yay.

  28. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah israr i would kill ya off :D
    its really good - i was getting sad & hahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhaahha
    you are too much - kasmey :D
    love ya loads x

  29. Wow. Your first paragraph.. I think you are much better than me when it comes to pulling your readers in. Truly. :-) And then I was lost among all the links and things that were not going the way I expected them too. Hehe.. Loved the post. Thanks. :-)

  30. Hi are tagged here...a humble appreciation to you...I know you already have this...but I would be so glad if you accept this one too...

  31. at the beginning i seriously thought u were talking abt a girl.Man how can i be so dumb?I seriously need to get more into reading.But great writing you should have sent it for the contest..Its worth a try.

  32. toooo good,
    i am still smiling,
    but i think i should be more regular here to get my name up there :D

  33. @anonymous...

    hahaha...yes she kept staring at me...have not seen her since i posted this...earlier today she was their on the window pane but on the outside of the room :)

  34. @anonymous...

    she is having 3 kids with her so i guess it is a definite SHE :P

  35. @anonymous...

    why you are sorry for her? :P you want to have her as pet? :P

  36. @Nisha...

    oh heart breaks anymore :) i hope you have enjoyed the post and would be delighted to visit the bloggers i mentioned :)
    thank you for appreciating :)

  37. @Sadiya Merchant...

    chipkali anarkali :P

    hahaha... lucky you to have read my post before sleeping :P

    and your comment made me conscious of the sound of polythene bags :) i dont know if you said thank you but you are welcome :)

  38. @Mishi...

    well i was saying it in comparison to you people that i am nothing :)
    i am glad that you are liking my posts and my sense of humour :) thank you sooooo much :)

  39. @anonymous...

    i am glad that you liked it and thanks for appreciating the little story...yes pets once attached can be so difficult to let go :)

  40. @Lady Fiona...

    wow..i am glad you fell for the bait :P

    yes i too remembered the song by MJ when i heard of the title... so i thought of writing something on it...but when i read the full terms and conditions of the competition it was a more serious thing so i thought i would just put it here and dedicate it to the fellow bloggers :)

    I am glad you read it till the end and yes definitely your blog must be there as you have written that beautiful poem on EYES so :)

    I am glad you enjoyed it and it made you smile :) and lets see how many comments it a CHIPKALI (lizard in URDU) gets :)

    I am sure you would find some of these bloggers to your taste and would enjoy visiting :)

    Have a great week ahead :)

  41. @Tariq Mian...

    hahaha..i am glad you read it till the end and enjoyed they say that sometimes the journey is more enjoyable than the destination :)

  42. @ES...

    haha...naw naw... its not freedom yet :P one can never get freed from this :)

    yes yes lizards are part of the natural balance and their presence is not without purpose, but they are scary when present on the ceiling above ones bed :)

  43. How clever! Yes, I too was surprised when I started seeing familiar names :)

  44. lol!! . You bring real twists to your tale :p had never thought it would be about a chipkali :p :p
    and hey :) thanks for mentioning me :) you toh made me famous yaar :p :p

  45. @Deborah...

    Thank you so much for reading and appreciating :)

  46. @Ria...

    the expected never happens :)
    thanks for liking :)

  47. @kiranshah...

    thank you so much for appreciating whatever little imagination i have :)
    yes she is loving and i hope you can have her as a pet.. :)

    Thappar se dar nahi lagta saab, Chipkali se lagta hai :P

  48. @Madhulika...

    well, at the start i was emotional about her :P
    i am glad it brings a smile on your face :)
    thank you for liking :)

  49. @kiranshah...

    yes i am lucky to be in such a great company :@
    she is having her 3 kids besides her so i guess it is a SHE :P

  50. @dave king..
    actually they wanted us to write a piece about the woman in our lives who made a difference... so that was something serious..that is why i did not submit it there :)
    thank you for reading and means a lot to have kind words from someone like you :)

  51. @Asma Khan...

    i am glad that it brings a smile to you :)

  52. @TheBluntBlogger...

    ah...a little words of appreciation for some of the bloggers that i follow or they follow me :) but the ones left out are not meant to be ignored... it is just that those did not fit in to this story but i will try to adjust in any other post :)

    haiku is japanese form of poetry in which each verse is composed of 3 lines...

    and thank you for the compliment :) now i feel a bit more confident about my prose :)

  53. @Nasnin Nasser...

    i am glad that you liked it and i was successful in achieving the suspense and the unexpected :)
    sometimes the apparently trivial things can make us so emotional :)

    thank you for appreciating... being complimented by a blogger of your caliber means a lot to me :) thanks for encouragement and yes sure how is it possible that you would not be part of this post :)

  54. @almas...

    thank you thank you :)

    i am glad you liked it...well lizards too have hearts and emotions and feelings :P and who knows if they have their own blogs and expressing their feelings about humans? :P

    i am glad you didnt touch the lizard when you were a child or we would have been through jurassic park :P

    keep encouraging me and i would come of with more stuff to waste your time :P

    thank you for liking :)

  55. @almas...

    well i think i will send the gecko to you for dissection if i catch her :) lets see...

  56. @pygmalion...

    thank you so much for liking it..i am glad it made you laugh :)

    if i would have given clue then it would not have been enjoyable i guess :)

  57. @Balqis...

    naw naw.. i cannot write about heart breaks :)

    i guess gecko is a malaya word?

    i dont know if she would ever be out of my life or not... but i will be glad if she just go away :)
    i am glad you like the way i put your haiku in there :)

  58. @Andy...

    i am glad it brought a bit of smile on your face :)
    i will be glad if i could ever poems and lines like you but i know it wont happen :( but i am honored that you appreciate whatever little i write :)
    thank you for liking :)

  59. @maham...

    yes lizard i hate but what can i do when she comes and lives in my room :(
    i am glad you like the post and hope you find some good blogs through it :)

  60. @Crystal..
    thank you for liking and appreciating my post :)
    i was saying in comparison to some of these bloggers i am a newbie :)

  61. @Crystal...

    i am glad we have so many mutual friends and i am sure you can find some more interesting blogs in these :)

  62. @Shama...

    then you write my obituary as well :P
    i am glad it made you laugh and i know gecko is your favourite :)
    thank you for liking it so much :)

  63. @fatima...

    thank you so much for liking it :)

  64. @Zeba..

    whenever i read your blog, i feel like i should stop writing and just concentrate on reading :)
    i am glad it made you read till the end... and its a real honour to be appreciated by an accomplished writer like you :)
    thank you so much...

  65. @Nasnin Nasser..

    how can i refuse an award and that too from someone like you...i posted it on our blog the moment i received it :) you can see it at the bottom of the page :)
    thank you so much for considering me for this award :)

  66. @sanna...

    well, i thought of talking about a girl but then i changed my mind mid-way :)

    actually when i read the conditions, that contest was about serious writing like the women who made a difference in my life so i thought i should not send it there :)

    thank you so much for appreciating :)

  67. @ateeq...

    i am glad you liked it :) hahaha...yes i guess you can be more regular.. :)

  68. @Jenny woolf..

    thank you so much for liking it :)

  69. @Jalpari...

    i am real glad that you found time from your very hectic schedule these days and read my post :)

    hahaha... i thought now that you are a doctor so i should do something so that when i come to your clinic, you would not charge any money from me :P

  70. Fortunately, in my house lizards don't go to the ceilings! They stay in the side walls. And they know how to keep their distance from us.

    Its the spiders that irritate one - They just don't consider human beings as living things at all! They consider us as some kind of disturbance to their webbing. One day, when I turned back, one spider was hanging right next to me!

  71. Interesting post. :)

    Loved it..its awesome how you placed the various blogs so carefully. :)

    keep rocking \m/

  72. The beginning was beautiful, but then it took a sharp turn.
    Nicely written.

  73. wow a wonderful writeup which made me think...

  74. Omg I though this was a heart broken story too!!! hahah good job! Omg geckos! Im glad there aren't any in Canada! (at least not in homes anyways)

  75. You really had me worried about your broken heart at first, Muhammad! I saw the links but decided to read your full post and then go back to read what I thought were older posts of yours....until I came to my own name and then I knew something was up! I did not, in the slightest, think that I was reading on to the end of a Gecko tale! Very fun.

  76. @ES...

    lucky you... lizards here dont keep distance :)

    and beware of spider... who knows when one becomes a spiderman :P

  77. @sunakshi...

    thank you for reading and liking :)

    i am glad that you like the way i wrote :)

    keep rocking :)

  78. @komal ali...

    welcome to our blog...thanks for liking... as they say, no matter how bad the situation is, one can always make it in the beginning it was beautiful and then i made it worse :P

  79. @nisha...

    thank you..i am glad it made you think :)

  80. @suki pooki...

    thanks for reading and liking... lucky you...i guess these house lizards are found in asia..maybe the climate of canada is not suitable for them :)

  81. @Lydia...

    Ah no... don't worry, my heart is safe and sound :) and pumping blood at normal pace :)

    These are but a few of the bloggers that supported my blog with their encouraging comments and regular readers, and excellent writers from whom i learnt a it was a little tribute :) of course you are there as well :)

    Thank you for reading and liking :)

  82. Hahahahahahahahahaha awesomeee and Im glad u posted it here :D

    P.S No sympathies and kind words for ur decades old friend :P

  83. haha......really amazing
    She is already mother of three kids then why is she following you..........confused

    By the way very nice post.

  84. ohhh Boy... u r good.
    I Was reading it intently that how this gonna end.... and then I realised it was just an amazing write up with great way of giving tribute to fellow loggers !!

    Hats off !!
    love it...

  85. DUDE??
    lyk srsly?? what the hell...!
    science field me ho kar HOW DARE U write so beautifully??
    no no no u cant be master of all feilds..! :(
    or maybe u can..! :)))
    :P :) mere blog k mention k liye THANKYOUUU..! :P
    ab cake pakkka milega :) vanilla wala..! :)
    and i love that lizard i hope it never leaves u..! :P :P and haunts u..! :P waisey y dnt u try uspe makhkhan lagane maybe pat jaye..?? :P*lollz*
    and a special mention to the 1st para..! :)) thats GREAT>.!
    tc :)
    or nickname socha ki nahi
    19th ko il ask u..!:)

  86. Thank you for mentioning my blog too. :)

    I just wonder how you actually remembered so many blog names n designed the post accordingly..share the secret in next post haha :D :)

  87. The title reminds me of Monte Carlo.

  88. This story was really good!! And hahaha thnx for mentioning my blog? :D
    Loved the Chupkali part!

  89. after finishing first two paras i was thinking about someone,,,,,,:) but then i realize that i am wrong,,,,,, any how it was really funny to read,,,, especially i learned a lot of new vocabularies...:) and really like the lines which if allowed by misterio i would like to make it in ma fb profile as ""about me".....:)""I am but a poor student and that too of science, devoid of any literary sense and humour, with a total repertoire of 300-odd words in my armoury most of which are in languages that are more related to ancient Hebrew than to modern English""..... And about lizard one question which sometime might have puzzled your minds... why they walk toooooo slowly????,,,,,,, i had got its answer way back in 1999,,,,after thinking for three consecutive nights in Metric exam preps........:)

  90. Superb story and such a clever idea!

    Anna :o]

    PS Many thanks for the inclusion.

  91. wow! the starting para & what the post actually was doing - you've a knack for sucking us into your post! the way you built the whole thing around so many blog links - i could never ever do that convincingly & i so envy you for it
    really nice post & thank you for remembering me. the very fact that aapko mere khayal aaya is an honor for me :)

  92. @Aliza khan...

    i am glad you liked it and it made you laugh :)

    hahaha... these were all kind words for my decade old friend :)

  93. @Basharat...

    thanks bro that you liked it...
    well i really have no idea why she is following me :P maybe i should give her your address :)

  94. @jyoti Mishra...

    I am glad you liked it :)

    yes this is a small tribute to all the wonderful bloggers out there :) and you are one of them :)


  95. @Suvaiba...

    jack of all, master of none :P

    yes sure you write so well so i had to mention your blog :) welcome..

    i didnt know you would give me vanilla cake or i would have mentioned your blog many times :P

    i think i should give it your address so that this lovely lizard comes and enjoy your company :P
    hahaha..naw makkhan is not for her :)

    and ziada butter na lagao mera weight barha dia :P
    lets see...hopefully i will come up with a nickname by 19 :)

  96. @Sunakshi...

    welcome...i am glad you like it..

    its a trade secret :P

  97. @S.Mahnoor Shah...

    welcome to our blog... :)

    i am glad you liked it and sure your blog is there :)

  98. @adian...

    hahaha...u nauty boy... what were u thinking about? i have no one of that kind :P

    i am glad you liked and enjoyed it..hope it brought a smile on your face :)

    yes sure can quote anything from it into your fb profile or whereever you want :) its licensed under creative common license :)

    no i dont know and never thought of this question as why they walk so slow? i thought they were in search of food and prey :) you can share your findings with us :) agar chipkali ki bajaye matric course p tawajo dete to aaj doctor hote :P

  99. @Hypercryptical...

    thanks that you liked it :)

    P.S. welcome :)

  100. @Sujatha Sathya....

    thank you so much for liking the story and appreciating it :)

    i am glad you liked the way i linked up the bloggers into it... and how could i forget you as you have such a wonderful blog out there and i learn a lot from you :)

  101. Lol.. Wonderful! I was expecting something else. Good build-up. I was amazed the way you included others bloggers.

    PS: Nice Profile Picture Israr Bhai!

  102. Bah. Now you are just making me blush. :-P

  103. haha....
    I would have warmly welcomed her but she has already three kids and i am so young.
    Big age difference.
    And how can i feed them all with my pocket money i am student you KNOW.

  104. Many thanks for giving me lil space there... It really means a lot !!

    Thanks again :)

  105. Misterio! As the name suggests that you are Enigmatic in every single word you write. Innovation is up to the mark as I personally noticed due to my prolonged attachment with your blogs. I know you buddy from very close, duly blessed with your company at CEMB, “humor” is in your nature but on the other hand, people have in their conscious that you are through reserved gentleman. But above all I found you always pleasant in mood except when your beloved the “Gecko” has thrown you away from her loving insights. This is the story when I use to visit your room after spending pretty long time on my audit tour or having some holidays at home. I can evidence her existence but the mood swings of our buddy are directly proportional to her absence…

    The post has made me deeply impelled to propel for blog writing, reason behind, lots of hyper links are used directing honour for their creators, which I definitely do not have right now… Courtesy for me: Atif Khattak!

  106. Took me a bit to understand that this was ore about the links and the connections with bloggers. But still it captures the deep sorrow that goes with a broken heart.

  107. I loved the way you twisted the post :D

  108. too funny you had me hook line and sinker...i was relating to the broken heart...nicely done...

  109. :) very nice post! & blog too! keep writing & smiling always!

  110. @Lady Fiona...

    thanks :)
    I have posted it :)

  111. @Sahana Rao..

    lolz...what were you expecting? ;)
    i m glad you liked it..and thanks for liking my profile pic :)

  112. @Zeba...

    come deserve appreciation :)

  113. @Basharat Ali...

    oh come on can spare some money of your pocket money to feed her :)

  114. @Jyoti mishra...

    sure you are right here :) welcome...

  115. @Atif Khattak...

    Thanks buddy for appreciating...yes i remember you are one of the first readers and followers of my blog and it really means a lot :)

    i wonder if you have ever seen her in my room or not? yes i remember the good old days when you were an internee but see now times have changed and you are a fully qualified chartered accountant man :) i wish you could have done an audit of this gecko and her kids.. :P

    no buddy... i have already thought of including your name right in this post but dont know some how your profile is not visible like when i click it is not clicked :( that is the main reason i couldnt include your name other wise i remembered you and your slogan "quality in everything we do" if you can make your pforile visible so that any one click it then it will be good :)

  116. @Secret agent woman...

    thanks for liking it...and for your classified response :)

  117. @philo...

    thanks for reading and liking :)

  118. @Brian Miller...

    welcome to our blog... i am glad you liked it... plz do come by again :)

  119. @Sowmya...

    welcome to our blog ...thanks for liking the post and the visit us again :)

  120. loved, loved, LOVED it.

    and dude you can't be a teenager. you have to be in your twenties to be that mature and humorous. and dude i love how flawlessly you write. sorry but i am a grammar freak. even if it isn't one of my best traits i am always craving for improvement. but your posts are eloquent and they are a perfect blend of humor, vocabulary, grammar and talent. which, btw, is strange for a guy:P

  121. @butterfly effect...

    thank, thank, thank you :)

    yes sure i am in the 20s :) and i am glad you liked the humour :) i too try to write within the rules of grammar...even though people take blog is a non serious thing but still i try... i am glad you liked the blend of humour, vocabulary, grammar and talent :P
    very bad of you that you think guys cannot be grammar freaks :p its just that the media hype that one should use that sms type english if one wants to be cool and modern :(

  122. hahahah, nah. i don't get my stereotypes from media. i've observed so:P and seriously i cannot understand the slang of sms. they are undecipherable.

    and again, i love your blog dude. its inspiring. i wish i were that good a writer:(

  123. @the butterfly effect...

    now you are making me blush :P
    yes i still dont know a few of these slang and short words used in sms/chat but that is how that is :(
    i am glad there are still people who still believe in writing full spellings and with grammar :)

  124. thats wot i watch today,,,, and remind misterio blog,,,,, :)

  125. Israr u didn't mention it in your post that where the gEcko had been actually gone and that the reason why i didn't get for dissection :P
    so this was the actual sceen hmmmmmmmmmm :P

    by the way how was it in taste ??? :P :D

  126. Oh, Muhammad, I have been thinking of you so strongly and this morning decided I absolutely must come to tell you hello. And I was SO surprised to find my name linked in this post (thank you, dear friend) but was truly feeling dismayed that your heart could consider killing, especially someone you had loved! You really surprised me at the end and I breathed a sigh of relief. Very clever writing. And I do think that your Gecko deserves to have a blog of her own!

    I apologize for not doing an old postcard post for the last two Wednesdays, and will bring them back from now on. :)

    1. HI Lydia, I am glad you came here and commented... yes how can i forget your blog... and i am thinking to write a part 2 in which i can accommodate some more friends as well as the regulars :) lets see...
      hahaha... yes it is difficult to kill her..but i have kicked her out of my room :)

      have a great week ahead :)



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